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Subject: UBL 2.1 PRD2 release candidate and planned vote 30 May 2011

Hello UBL TC,

We now have a complete PRD2 release candidate:


As we decided in yesterday's phone meeting, we're ready to vote this out
and submit it to OASIS for our second public review.  We didn't vote to
approve this particular build because we hadn't received the ASN.1
material yet.

It is understood that this public review cycle is intended to get some
quick input from our stakeholders before finishing up in PRD3.  For this
reason, we decided earlier that PRD2 would undergo the minimum 15-day
review allowed under the OASIS TC process for public reviews following
PRD1.  I expect that we will give PRD3 the full 30-day treatment.

Because this is a snapshot, it's going out with a number of already
identified issues.  We also anticipate the addition of two new document
types in PRD3, as noted in the hub document.  (If anyone finds further
issues with the package above, short of something that would actually
prevent it from being tested, please submit them as PRD3 issues to avoid

The URLs for this package will be assigned by OASIS staff, so the ones
now given at the top of the document are probably not exactly what will
appear in the release to be circulated by OASIS for public review.  And
of course they will not resolve yet.

As usual, the resolution below licenses both OASIS and your humble
editors to make nonsubstantive editorial changes as needed to make the
document suitable for OASIS publication.  We could vote on this by
default letter ballot, as we often have in the past, but this time
around it will (I think) be quicker to vote on it directly.

Our current voting members (now, and going into next week's F2F in
Stockholm) are:

    Jon Bosak (chair)
    Tony Coates
    G. Ken Holman
    Tim McGrath (vice chair)
    Andy Schoka

I believe that all of us are intending to be present (in person or on
the phone) at the opening plenary Monday, which begins at 2:15 local
time in Stockholm, i.e.:


Unless a meaningful proportion of the current voting members tell us
that they won't be calling in to the Monday plenary, therefore, I'm
going to recommend that we simply add the resolution below to the agenda
for that meeting.



RESOLVED to approve for 15-day public review the UBL 2.1 draft currently
located at


and to authorize the Editors to make last-minute minor nonsubstantive
editorial changes and such other changes as may be required by OASIS
administration to prepare the draft for public review.

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