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Subject: 26 May UBL 2.1 PRD2 draft approved for public review

26 May UBL 2.1 PRD2 draft approved for public review

Hello UBL TC,

I am pleased to report that the following resolution was adopted during
the opening plenary of today's UBL TC meeting in Stockholm:

    RESOLVED to approve for 30-day public review the UBL 2.1 draft
    currently located at


    and to authorize the Editors to make last-minute minor nonsubstantive
    editorial changes and such other changes as may be required by OASIS
    administration to prepare the draft for public review.

Four out of the five TC members who currently have voting status were
present in the meeting, and their vote was unanimous.

Note that the resolution proposed in my message of 26 May 2011 was
amended to make this a 30-day review rather than the 15-day minimum
mandated by the TC process in order to give stakeholders and other
interested parties extra time to review the draft.  It was also agreed
in a separate discussion to emphasize our desire for testing of the UBL
2.1 digital signature mechanism in announcements relating to the public
review and to note that this testing can be carried out using existing
2.0 implementations.

Jon Bosak

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