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Subject: NDR suggestions for spreadsheet specification

Fellow NDR team members,

In working with the spreadsheet to schema code in order to create the Q/A schemas to validate the schemas put out by eDoCreator, I've thought of a couple of improvements to the spreadsheet specification that I think will make the spreadsheets more generic and useful to other non-UBL project teams.

(1) - the model name (e.g. "UBL-Invoice-2.1") is currently in the filename but not in the spreadsheet itself, thus when looking in the spreadsheet data contents, there is no way to extract the model name - currently the spreadsheet tab title is the same as the document ABIE (e.g. "Invoice"), or the word "Common" for the common library, which is redundant and doesn't tell us which version or revision of the model is being used - I'm proposing that the spreadsheet tab title be the model name, which in UBL is the same as the filename - this will help when there are, say, two invoice models for two different contexts (one being a subset of the other) ... the filenames are different, but the spreadsheet tab titles are currently the same ... they would be different - this will also help when, say, one spreadsheet has two worksheets of different versions of the Invoice document model ... the tab titles will distinguish the two worksheets - this will again help when emitting the genericode contents of the spreadsheet, especially when one spreadsheet has multiple tabs of all of the document models for a project (something we don't do in UBL)

(2) - the spreadsheet columns are based on 11179 and CCTS 2.01
- there is only a single column title with "UBL" in it, that being the first column "UBL Name" - this would be incongruous with other non-UBL projects using the spreadsheets we specify in the UBL NDR - I've coded the schema generator to simultaneously recognize either "UBL Name" or "Component Name" as the title of the first column - if we allowed this in the UBL NDR then non-UBL users would be able to conform to the NDR requirements and not have the word "UBL" in their spreadsheet column titles

I hope these are acceptable.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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