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Subject: Cardinality of supplemental components in UBL unqualified data types

Hi, everyone,

In preparing a response to a poster on UBL Dev, an oversight on my part has come to light that we need to discuss, please.

When I created the UBL 2.1 unqualified data type schema from the core component schema, I maintained the cardinality of supplemental components (attributes) found in the base schema. All supplemental components are optional in the base schema.

I recognized this was adding some optional attributes to UBL 2.1, and I'm pleased with that because there are cases when we need the new attributes that were not in UBL 2.0. For example, the currencyCodeListID attribute which we need in UBL 2.1 but was not available in UBL 2.0. In PRD2 most of the CCTS supplementary components are made available, and all are optional.

However, though backward compatible, in PRD2 I inadvertently have not preserved the mandatory nature of the following supplemental components, that were mandatory in UBL 2.0:


(there are others that we don't use:


I am planning to make the above attributes again mandatory in PRD3. This will be backward compatible with UBL 2.0 but not with UBL 2.1 PRD2.

Does anyone see a problem with that, or did anyone appreciate that the above attributes were optional? While I like the idea of falling back to the document currency code when the currencyID attribute is absent, this doesn't work when the document currency code is not specified. Forcing the above attributes is unambiguous and, I think, promotes interoperability.

So, personally, I think the mandatory nature of the above should be restored.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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