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Subject: Re: [ubl] Fwd: Fwd: FW: Getið þið kannað þe nnan xml reikning

Because of UN/CEFACT approach of hardwiring MIME types in the unqualified data types (UDT), Georg is burdened with hacking the schemas themselves ... but whatever he does, his instances will not be acceptable to a UBL 2.0 system that has not been hacked.

Modifying the second-pass genericode/CVA/Schematron/XSLT process won't help because the first-pass schema checking will still choke on the presence of the unrecognized member of the code list.

This scenario was one of the reasons we replaced the UN/CEFACT UDT in UBL 2.1 with our own UDT that, among other differences, accommodates values that change in the course of doing business, without impacting on the schemas that are used to express the valued items.

I can think of no way to accommodate a violating value in the UBL 2.0 scenario because the untouched schemas simply will not accept it.

Sorry I can't think of anything to help in this regard.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

At 2011-12-13 21:28 +0100, Tim McGrath wrote:
passing this on from Georg. the detachment of code lists in 2.1 means it can be resolved but what can we offer for 2.0?

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Subject: Fwd: FW: Getið þið kannað þennan xml reikning
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 18:06:59 +0000
From: Georg Birgisson <mailto:georg@eykur.is><georg@eykur.is>
To: <mailto:tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com>tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com

Hi Tim,

In the following email it is pointed out that the mime
code list in UBL 2.0 does not allow attaching Office 2010
documents. Is this the case? If so is there a workaround.
I suppose this will be resolved in UBL 2.1 but until then.


Eykur ehf.
Georg Birgisson
Nýbýlavegur 6, 200 Kópavogur
544 4800, 898 0850, <mailto:georg@eykur.is>georg@eykur.is
Sá sem fyrir tilviljun, mistök eða án sérstakrar heimildar
tekur við símskeytum, myndum eða öðrum fjarskiptamerkjum
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hjá sér eða notfæra sér það á nokkurn hátt. Jafnframt ber
honum að tilkynna sendanda að upplýsingar hafi ranglega
borist sér. Skylt er að gæta fyllsta trúnaðar í slíkum
tilfellum, sbr. 5. mgr. 47. gr. fjarskiptalaga nr.

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Subject: FW: Getið þið kannað þennan xml reikning
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