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Subject: Fwd: Request for volunteers to help translate TGF documents

Hello UBL members and implementers,

Since many of you have a connection with government, it is thought that
some might be interested in helping out with this.  Please contact John
Borras at the address below to follow up.

Jon Bosak


Volunteers sought to help translate TGF documents

OASIS seeks volunteers to translate a small amount of material on the
Transformational Government Framework from English into other
languages. A French translation is already underway, and there is
particular interest in also making this material available in Spanish,
German and Dutch, but translations into other languages would also be
valuable.  Transformational Government is a shift from e-Gov that
fundamentally redefines the relationship between the public sector and
users of public services.

Interested translators are asked to review the OASIS Translation Policy
(http://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/translation) and contact
John Borras (johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk), the chair of the TGF Technical
Committee, for more details.

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