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Subject: Re: [ubl] Prefixes and English in UBL names

At 2012-05-25 12:25 -0400, Jon Bosak wrote:
I don't understand the problem; as far as I know, none of our NDRs
prohibit camel case in DENs.  Is there a prohibition of camel case in
G. Ken Holman wrote:
[java] Malformed dictionary entry name "Transportation Service. NonSupported_ Commodity Classification. Commodity Classification" because of the presence of camel case [GNR2].

The wording of GNR2 is:

       UBL XML element and type names MUST be consistently derived from
       CCTS conformant Dictionary Entry Names.

When writing the test that produced the message above, I documented the test as follows:

    Note that [CTN2] already checks the element name against the property
    term and representation term, so this test only checks the Dictionary
    Entry Name.

We can relax the camel case in DENs but perhaps add the proviso that we only do this for prefixes ... though I'm not sure I could then properly test for it.

Here is the wording from CCTS 2.01:

[C25] The components of a Dictionary Entry Name shall be separated by dots. The space character shall separate words in multi-word Object Class Terms and/or multi-word Property Terms. Every word shall start with a capital letter. To allow spell checking of the Directory Entry Names? words, the dots after Object Class Terms and Property Terms shall be followed by a space character.
The use of CamelCase for Dictionary Entry Names has been considered, but has been rejected for following reasons:
? Use of CamelCase will not allow the use of spell checkers
? Strict use of CamelCase makes it impossible to use separators (?.?) and therefore doesn?t allow an unambiguous identification of the composing parts of the Dictionary Entry Name.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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