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Subject: Re: [ubl] Prefixes and English in UBL names

Hi (and apologize for joining the discussion this late).

I also like the suggestion from Jon, using 'Un' instead of 'Non'. I'm also happy with the 'Post' and 'Pre' proposals.


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Tim McGrath <tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com> wrote:

the other option is to put these terms in our controlled vocabulary and
allow them that way.

but i like Jon's suggestion better - including the use of Un rather than Non

On 26/05/12 2:31 AM, Jon Bosak wrote:
> Thanks very much to Ken and others who confirmed that, in fact, CCTS
> 2.01 does prohibit camel case in DENs.
> One way around this is to observe that our rules make the Oxford English
> Dictionary normative and that both "pre" and "post" are recognized with
> word entries in that dictionary, though clearly the editors disapproved
> of such usages.  Of "post" as "the Latin preposition meaning 'after'"
> used "with English words and phrases" the editors say "Usu. found in
> contexts where _after_ would be equally appropriate and more agreeable",
> but they nevertheless give four recent citations beginning in 1965 for
> uses no more egregious than what we would have here.  "Non" also gets a
> word entry, but no citations showing it appearing outside certain Latin
> phrases used in English; we might actually stretch the rule here, but I
> don't think we have to.  So one solution is to make the DENs
> Notification Requirement. Post Event Notification Duration. Measure
> Notification Requirement. Pre Event Notification Duration. Measure
> Transportation Service. Nonsupported_ Transport Equipment. Transport
> Equipment
> Transportation Service. Nonsuppo

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