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Subject: Re: [ubl] UBL 2.1 PRD3 Common Library frozen

Hello Arianna,

For the definition review, we are working from the SGTG versions of
the spreadsheets, not the versions generated by eDoCreator... and
the SGTG version is static for the next couple of weeks.  Therefore
the changes you mention must wait until after the definition review
process is complete.

Please maintain a list of these last changes for action later.  I
will be surprised if the ones you mention are the only changes to
be made at that time.


Arianna Brutti wrote:
Hi Jon,

I need to make 2-3 small changes from ubl-psc issuelist (adding Withholding_ TaxTotal to CreditNote and DebitNote in order to allign the with Invoice).

When can I do this?

I apologize for the late, I am very busy in this period :-(

Best regads

Il 27/06/2012 22:47, Jon Bosak ha scritto:
Hello TC and subcommittees,

Please be aware that the Common Library model for PRD3 is now frozen so
that we can begin a review of the data definitions.  Further changes to
the Common Library (if any) will need to be made outside the eDoCreator
environment following the review.


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