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Subject: Strategy for UBL documents in SQL database tables

Fellow UBL TC members,

I have very much appreciated the opportunity to work with Stephen Rowlison on a research project. With Steve's background in SQL and my background in UBL we've proposed what we think is a very viable strategy for storing UBL documents in SQL databases.

We think we have an innovative approach in that we've not modeled the XSD shape of UBL, but rather, we've modeled the CCTS 2.01 shape of UBL. Recall that my SGTG work on UBL is always at the CCTS level of the information whereas the XSD is almost an afterthought created simply for the XML syntax for interchange. The results are encouraging. We think this is superior to any XSD-based approach to SQL tables for UBL documents (or any documents based on CCTS 2.01 using UBL NDR).

We hope people find this interesting and useful. Feedback (off list) is encouraged!

. . . . . . . . . . Ken and Steve


  Research working together with Stephen Rowlison of PureMethods has
  produced this strategy for marshalling and unmarshalling UBL
  documents from and to an SQL database. Actual SQL table definition
  scripts are included, as well as the algorithm for loading the
  tables and traversing them, though no running code is yet part of
  the package due to the vagaries of different systems. Unlike other
  SQL approaches attempting to model the UBL XSD expressions, this
  method successfully addresses the CCTS 2.01 model of UBL with no
  loss of information from any possible UBL document in XML.
  Feedback is welcome, especially from implementers employing this
  approach in their work. Note this method should work for any
  environment based on CCTS 2.01. The UBL tables included in this
  package are defined for use with the draft UBL SGTG 2.1 PRD3D3
  20120615-2350z deliverables.

G. Ken Holman
OASIS Individual Member
Crane Softwrights Ltd.

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