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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 21 November 2012 17:00UTC



   Oriol Bausa
   Kenneth Bengtsson
   Peter Borresen
   Kees Duvekot
   G. Ken Holman (convener)

Referred to in minutes by first name:

   Arianna Brutti
   Martin Forsberg
   Tim McGrath
   Jim Melton
   Andy Schoka
   Audun Vennesland


   Additions to the calendar:

      For interest (but not on the calendar):

        2012-12-14 Seminar on Electronic Procurement - An opportunity
                   to provide feedback on Commission projects

   Review of Pacific call minutes (copied below as agenda items)

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Membership status review
      Please try to attend and gain voting status in preparation
      for the important committee process steps coming up.


   Actions from previous meetings:
      2012-11-14 - all - draft spreadsheet to Ken H.
                 - done

   Status of PSC definition review.  When will final changes go to Ken H.?
    - should be December 1
    - good task to do as issues of cardinality have been found

   Status of TSC definition review.  When will final changes go to Ken H.?
    - Andy observed that definition review of those business objects where the
cardinality might have to change in the model is more important (time-wise)
    to the other definitions.  It was noted that any changes in cardinality
    will require yet another issue of the schemas.

   AGREED that whatever definitions we have in place on December 1, 2012 are
   the definitions that we will use for PRD3.

   Andy also noted the need for expertise on customs issues.  If anyone can
   specifically help with these issues, please contact TSC.  Ref:



   Actions from previous meetings:
      2012-11-14 - Ken H. - revise Acknowledgements list with latest
                   affiliations in OASIS roster
                 - done
      2012-11-14 - all - production guidance for "uml/" directory
                 - Tim reports an upgrade to the UML model of XML Spy that
                   may do what we want
2012-11-14 - Ken H. - contact Jim, Martin and Audun regarding an SQL tool
                 - done; no response

UBL 2.1 PRD3 Model

   Status of PSC model work.  When will final changes to go Arianna?

      - spent meeting in Barcelona with new issues regarding CEN/BII2
        that have been incorporated into the changes
      - another PSC meeting will be called for next week

   Status of TSC model work:

      (Note the comment above regarding possible changes in cardinalities
       after a definition review)

   Status of request from Turkish Localization:

      - added to the PSC agenda for the next PSC meeting

   Code list review:  Ken H. posted the list of expected code list files to
   be in UBL 2.1, and the source of information for each.  For those lists
   not sourced by UN/CEFACT web sites, please advise if anyone knows where
   definitive sources can be found.


     Tim observed that we need to add a code list for days of the week.  Does
     any member know of such a standardized code list?

   Important question for PSC and TSC both to consider regarding addition of
   PartyRoleCode to the definition of a Party:

      - Kees commented that the context of the Party provides sufficient
        distinction so as not to require the addition of PartyRole, and this
        was agreed to by Oriol
      - Ken H. to email Peter to ask him to comment on the TC list
      - members asked to further comment on the TC list without cross-posting
        to the other lists

   Ken H. to produce SGTG PRD3 draft schemas for review when models are done
   and will use December 1 definitions.

      - Kees noted that http://www.schemacentral.com/sc/ubl21/ss.html has a
        copy of PRD2 posted according to Schema Central conventions and that
        he finds these conventions make for a useful resource


 2012-11-14 - all - production guidance needed for "uml/" directory
 2012-11-21 - all - does anyone know of a code list for days of the week?
 2012-11-21 - all - customs guidance needed for TSC
 2012-11-21 - Ken H. - contact Peter regarding Party discussion


   Established in last week's meetings:

     New Pacific call date/time:  Wednesdays 01:00UTC
     New Atlantic call date/time: Wednesdays 17:00UTC

   Question to Atlantic call members:  would an earlier or later time be
   more convenient in order to avoid the dinner hour, thus increasing
   Atlantic call attendance?

      - this question is deferred for a few weeks and will be brought up later
      - it was noted that 15:00UTC is not the best for everyone but is better
        than the current time of 17:00UTC for more people than not
      - we will look into this time change sometime in December but not now

   (Note the Pacific call takes place Tuesday evenings west of the
    Atlantic Ocean)

   Week of 2012-11-26 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-03 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-10 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-17 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-24 - no calls
   Week of 2012-12-31 - no calls
   Week of 2013-01-07 - TBD during week of 2012-12-17


   During the call a question of IPR regarding CEN/BII was raised.  Oriol
   will take the issue to BII WG1 for clarification:  how open for free
   use are the BII schemas, code lists, documentation and other artefacts?

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