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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 28 November 2012 17:00UTC



 Atlantic teleconference:
   Oriol Bausa
   Kenneth Bengtsson
   Peter Borresen
   Kees Duvekot
   G. Ken Holman (convener)
   Andy Schoka

 Pacific teleconference:
   G. Ken Holman (convener)
   Andy Schoka

Referred to in minutes by first name:
   Arianna Brutti
   Jon Bosak
   Tim McGrath


   Additions to the calendar:

   Review of Pacific call minutes (copied below as agenda items)

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Membership status review
      Please try to attend and gain voting status in preparation
      for the important committee process steps coming up.

      Changes in membership status triggered at end of meeting:
        - Oriol and Peter become voting members


   Actions from previous meetings:
     2012-11-21 - all - customs guidance needed for TSC

   Status of PSC definition review:

    - received Arianna's definitions, so all questions asked by Jon have
      been addressed; Peter is in the
    - "Jon has done a wonderful job"
    - Peter will be posting a review of cardinalities
    - a meeting for PSC is being called for Monday afternoon CEST

   Status of TSC definition review:

    - definitions have triggered some changes in cardinalities
    - due to limited time, TSC is initially regarding those definitions
      where Jon has asked a question (there are many) or left the cell
      with a red background
    - TSC meeting scheduled for November 28

   Recall it was agreed last week that whatever definitions we have in
   place on December 1, 2012 are the definitions that we will use for PRD3.
   Ken noted that this may not be possible unless members find the time
   to comment on the work that has been accomplished so far.

    - this appears to be slipping about a week due to work being done
      within PSC and TSC requiring meetings and feedback amongst members


   Actions from previous meetings:
     2012-11-14 - all - production guidance needed for "uml/" directory

   Status of work:

   - re: cardinalities
     - in the discussion of revised cardinalities, it was revealed that
       many issues were related to natural language fields not having
       multiplicity to allow for multiple language expressions of the
       field content - for example, Notes and Descriptions
     - this is not meant to require *all* constructs with a language
       attribute to have such multiplicity; for example, coded items
       have a pair of associated attributes name= and languageID= where
       the language of the name value is specified; UBL relies on the
       code value, not on the name, and thus this CCTS field is not
       expected to be used, but if it is used, does not justify the
       requirement for multiplicity to have more than one name value used
     - Ken will draft a new "Additional Document Constraint" (section 4)
       such that constructs of type Text where repeatable shall not have
       two sibling values with the same language identifier or any sibling
       with an absent language identifier where there is more than one sibling
   - re: new Annex I
     - minor comments received offline from Andy and Tim will be included
       in the next review

UBL 2.1 PRD3 Model

   Actions from previous meetings:
     2012-11-21 - all - does anyone know of a code list for days of the week?
                - during the call it was suggested that we start the
                  week on Monday and use digits 1 through 7, as this
                  is language independent; another example of language
                  independence is ISO 5218 for gender
                - Kees found the following during our call which supports
                  our suggestion:
     2012-11-21 - Ken H. - contact Peter regarding Party discussion
                - Peter echoed what Kees identified last week that in UBL
                  context is used to indicate party role as reflected in
                  the name of an ancestral element
                - Peter to post this in response to the question from TSC
                - Ken will remove PartyRoleCode from the list of code lists

   Status of PSC model work:

    - only issues that remain are cardinality issues and other small things
      found during definition review such as names of constructs

   Status of TSC model work:

    - changes in cardinalities are being considered, but no response
      yet from Tim regarding his analysis of these:


   Ken to update model checker - based on the discussion of finding Text type
fields without multiplicity where multiplicity is needed, Ken will add to the model checker a
                                 report of all singleton Text type fields for
                                 PSC and TSC to review

   Recall Ken H. to produce SGTG PRD3 draft schemas for review when
   models are done and will use December 1 definitions (or whenever the
   PSC and TSC indicate that they are done).


     2012-11-14 - all - production guidance needed for "uml/" directory
     2012-11-21 - all - customs guidance needed for TSC
     2012-11-28 - Peter - post to list conclusion regarding lack of need for
                          the PartyRoleCode


   Established in last week's meetings:

     New Pacific call date/time:  Wednesdays 01:00UTC
     New Atlantic call date/time: Wednesdays 17:00UTC

   (Note the Pacific call takes place Tuesday evenings west of the
    Atlantic Ocean)

   Week of 2012-12-03 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-10 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-17 - Regular calls
   Week of 2012-12-24 - no calls
   Week of 2012-12-31 - no calls
   Week of 2013-01-07 - TBD during week of 2012-12-17



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