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Subject: FW: RFS Holland Holding Statement of Usr

Here a Statement of Use from RFS Holland Holding B.V.

Kees Duvekot
UBL TC Member on behalf of RFS Holland Holding B.V.

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Davidse, Dick 
Verzonden: vrijdag 5 juli 2013 11:51
Aan: Duvekot, Kees
Onderwerp: RFS Holland Holding B.V. Statement of Use

RFS Holland Holding B.V., an OASIS organizational member, states that 
it is successfully using the UBL 2.1 Committee Specification approved 
19 June 2013 according to the conformance details in section 6.1 for 
purposes of exchanging business documents between various independent 
internal information systems.
Dick Davidse,
Primary representative for  RFS Holland Holding B.V. for OASIS. 

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