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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 23 October 2013 14:00UTC



Atlantic teleconference:
   Peter Borresen
   Kees Duvekot
   G. Ken Holman (convener)
   Ole Madsen
   Andy Schoka

Regrets received:

   Oriol Bausà

Pacific teleconference attendance:

   Kenneth Bengtsson
   G. Ken Holman (convener)
   Tim McGrath
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:
      - none

   Review of Pacific call minutes

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Membership status review

      - voting status is determined by the following:
        - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
          maintain voting status
        - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
          voting status
      - changes in voting status as of the end of this meeting:
        - Ole Madsen gains voting status
        - Oriol Bausà loses voting status
      - what can we do to recruit more volunteers to the TC to share
        in the work?

UBL 2.1 Status

   - the OASIS membership ballot for OASIS is underway:


   - the publicly-visible link for the ballot is:


   - the ballot ends at the end of November 4, 2013

   - if you know the primary or alternate representative of an OASIS member
     organization, then please bring this voting link to their attention:


   - Jon Bosak has prepared a message emailed to the representatives, a
     public version of which has been posted as a status of the project:


UBL 2.1 UML and ASN.1 Committee Notes

   - ASN.1:
    - voting package for ASN.1 schemas is posted here:
    - AGREED:  A public review of Committee Note 02 is unnecessary for
               the ASN.1 review package.
    - AGREED:  The committee approves UBL 2.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1
               (ASN.1) Alternative Representation Version 1.0 contained
               in the referenced voting package as Committee Note 02.
   - UML:
    - voting package for UML diagrams is posted here:
    - AGREED:  A public review of Committee Note 02 is unnecessary for
               the UML review package.
    - AGREED:  The committee approves UBL 2.1 Unified Modeling Language
               (UML) Alternative Representation Version 1.0 contained
               in the referenced voting package as Committee Note 02.
   - when agreed, they can be published immediately (because they are Notes),
     which makes them available at the time that UBL 2.1 is finalized

UBL TC next steps

    - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
      - UBL 2 is an organic thing that can be grown
      - what do we do for implementation support?
      - should we write a companion document of how to use the specification?
      - industry-specific documentation?
      - make it easier to find what is relevant without changing the actual
      - what about updating the International Data Dictionary?
        - who can we find to help with this?
      - Multi-stakeholder Forum on ICT Standardization
        - addressing commission's new more open policy on open standards
          including OASIS, W3C, IETF, etc.
        - this could include sanctioning of UBL as a standard for use in
    - what subject matter issues need to be addressed?
      - communications with outsourcing warehouses
      - more transportation co-ordination issues
      - communications with transportation regulatory organizations
    - what technical issues need to be addressed?
      - are any schema changes needed?
      - at the least we need to publish the NDR as soon as possible


   Cancelling meetings of the week of 2013-11-13

   Proposed to continue with our regular times:

     Pacific call date/time:  Wednesdays 00:00UTC
     Atlantic call date/time: Wednesdays 14:00UTC

   (Note the Pacific call takes place Tuesday evenings west of the
    Atlantic Ocean)

   Next meeting:

     2013-10-30 - 00:00UTC and 15:00UTC (after time change in Europe*)
     2013-11-06 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC (after time change in North America)
     2013-11-20 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC

     (* for North American callers, the Atlantic call is at 11:00EST for the
        one day, October 30 only, and then goes back to 10:00EST as usual;
        for European callers, the time does not change from 16:00CEDT/CEST)

   Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
   privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

   TC calendar:

   TC calendar iCal subscription link:


    - a discussion was held regarding the handling issues of UBL because
      of its size:  problems with vendor tools, problems with comprehension,
     - we could consider in the future what packaging options might make
       subsets of UBL available in parallel with the complete UBL
     - it was noted that many parties are involved in transactions, not just
       one company
     - Ken reminded the group of the SBSC and the effort of describing a
       scenario ... perhaps we should revive SBSC
     - Ole commented that they used the scenario concept to document both
       simple and complex situations
     - the question of resources was brought up ... who can participate in
       the SBSC?  who can take on as chairman of SBSC?

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