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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 30 October 2013 00:00UTC



   Kenneth Bengtsson
   G. Ken Holman (convener)
   Tim McGrath
   Andy Schoka


   Additions to the calendar:
      - none

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Review of Pacific call minutes

   Membership status review

      - voting status is determined by the following:
        - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
          maintain voting status
        - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
          voting status
      - what can we do to recruit more volunteers to the TC to share
        in the work?

UBL 2.1 Status

   - the OASIS membership ballot for OASIS is underway:


   - the publicly-visible link for the ballot is:


   - the ballot ends at the end of November 4, 2013

   - if you know the primary or alternate representative of an OASIS member
     organization, then please bring this voting link to their attention:


   - Jon Bosak has prepared a message emailed to the representatives, a
     public version of which has been posted as a status of the project:


   - the question came up regarding citing UBL 2.1, and the two links to
     use are persistent regardless of the release level of UBL 2.1:


UBL 2.1 UML and ASN.1 Committee Notes

   - ASN.1:
    - the voted package for ASN.1 schemas is posted here:
    - the request has been filed for this package to be mounted:
   - UML:
    - the voted package for UML diagrams is posted here:
    - the request has been filed for this package to be mounted:

   - the question came up regarding citing these notes, and the following
     links are persistent:


UBL TC next steps

    - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
      - UBL 2 is an organic thing that can be grown
      - what do we do for implementation support?
      - should we write a companion document of how to use the specification?
      - industry-specific documentation?
      - make it easier to find what is relevant without changing the actual
      - what about updating the International Data Dictionary?
        - who can we find to help with this?
      - Multi-stakeholder Forum on ICT Standardization
        - addressing commission's new more open policy on open standards
          including OASIS, W3C, IETF, etc.
        - this could include sanctioning of UBL as a standard for use in
    - what subject matter issues need to be addressed?
      - communications with outsourcing warehouses
      - more transportation co-ordination issues
      - communications with transportation regulatory organizations
    - what technical issues need to be addressed?
      - are any schema changes needed?
      - at the least we need to publish the NDR as soon as possible


    - should we revive the SBSC?
    - https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ubl-sbsc
    - can someone take on the chairmanship of this subcommittee?
    - Atlantic Call 2013-10-23:
      - based on a discussion was held regarding the handling issues
        of UBL because of its size:  problems with vendor tools, problems
        with comprehension, etc.
    - Pacific Call 2013-10-30:
      - it was raised that if the objective of the effort is educational
        then the SBSC has the wrong charter
      - that was responded to with the comment that the charter of actually
        creating a small business subset for small business to use off the
      - the claim is that SBSC couldn't fulfill the charter because there
        is no common subset as small businesses in different contexts would
        have different contents; what if it is incompatible with existing
        widely-deployed subsets such as the BII Profiles?
      - if what we want is to demonstrate how to create a customization,
        then we can do that as an extension of the customization guidelines
        but not through the SBSC
      - small businesses come on board through their service providers or
        industry associations, not directly themselves, and so the effort
        should not be focused on the small businesses but on the providers
        of services to small businesses
      - how do we support a group who wants to use UBL in a context where
        UBL is not already being used (so as not to create something
        incompatible with what exists)?
      - we can't have the committee produce something where people are
        saying that existing implementations can be accused of creating
        something that isn't compatible with the committee creates


   Our regular UTC times are now shifted due to daylight savings time changes,
   but note that the local time on the clock is unchanged from before:

     Pacific call date/time:  Wednesdays 01:00UTC
     Atlantic call date/time: Wednesdays 15:00UTC

    (Note the Pacific call takes place Tuesday evenings west of the
     Atlantic Ocean)

   Next meeting:

     2013-10-30 - 00:00UTC and 15:00UTC (after time change in Europe*)
     2013-11-06 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC (after time change in North America)
     2013-11-20 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC

   Proposed meetings to follow until Christmas/New Year break:

     2013-12-04 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC
     2013-12-11 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC
     2013-12-18 - 01:00UTC and 15:00UTC

     (* for North American callers, the Atlantic call is at 11:00EST for the
        one day, October 30 only, and then goes back to 10:00EST as usual;
        for European callers, the time does not change from 16:00CEDT/CEST)

   Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
   privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

   TC calendar:

   TC calendar iCal subscription link:



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