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Subject: Re: [ubl] Agenda for Pacific UBL TC call 2 April 2014 00:00UTC

Hello Ken,
the IDD has been always handled by LSCs, so we should have a formal request to each LSC chair to understand when they intend to start the localization work. As I remember some LSCs were needed to find the resources and funds to work on the IDD. The ITLSC and I think the ESLSC as well are more based on voluntary work from its members, so we can usually start the IDD effort after some initial organization.

The UBL 2.1 IDD is huge... so maybe we need an online tool to facilitate the IDD work. Another point is that in the past I found useful to localize first some key business terms that needs to be translated in a consistent way across all business documents, such as Business Party names and Business roles. This was facilitating the subsequent work by avoiding localization issues. For instance, into the Italian language and maybe other languages, sometime Consignee and Delivery Party could be confused.


UBL ITLSC, co-chair

Il 01/04/2014 3.00, G. Ken Holman ha scritto:
  - what about updating the International Data Dictionary?
- who can we find to help with this?

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