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Subject: Sanity check review draft of UBL conformance to CCTS document

I have published a review draft for a sanity check of our new committee note:

  "UBL Conformance to ebXML CCTS ISO/TS 15000-5:2005 Version 1.0"

What I am looking for is any feedback requiring changes before creating the voting documents. Please respond in the next 24 hours and then I will create the voting documents tomorrow at this time.

We will then have both the Committee Note Draft and the final Committee Note posted for voting during next week's calls.

I am asking OASIS TC Administration about publishing only the PDF version of this document, as I see no utility for this document to also have XML and HTML renditions. The XML is helpful for our other work products where the document is the hub of a suite of files. Here we have only a discussion paper. Let me know if you think the other renditions are useful, but as I see it, the PDF is self-contained and there is no need to download a ZIP file for all of the dependencies (CSS stylesheets, DocBook stylesheets, etc.).

Thank you for your timely review of this document.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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