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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 23 April 2014 14:00UTC - voting meeting



Atlantic teleconference:
  Oriol Bausa
  Peter Borresen
  Kees Duvekot
  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Ole Madsen

Pacific teleconference attendance:

  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Tim McGrath
  Andy Schoka


  Additions to events calendar: https://ubl.xml.org/events
    - no events to add at this time

  Review of Pacific call minutes

  Review of Atlantic call minutes

  Membership status review

    - voting status is determined by the following:
      - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
        maintain voting status
      - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
        voting status
    - current voting member list (alphabetical):
      - Oriol Bausa
      - Kenneth Bengtsson
      - Jon Bosak (secretary)
      - Kees Duvekot
      - G. Ken Holman (co-chair)
      - Ole Madsen
      - Tim McGrath (co-chair)
      - Andy Schoka (TSC chair)
    - members gaining voting status after this meeting:
      - Peter Borresen
    - members approaching losing voting status:
      - Kenneth Bengtsson
    - what can we do to recruit more volunteers to the TC to share
      in the work?

  JIRA tickets
   - no action needed

  Web site maintenance
   - no action needed

International Data Dictionary

 - Ken has written OASIS TC Administration regarding the use of a Google
 - the spreadsheet would be publicly visible but only modified by members
 - the TC would invite input to the spreadsheet through the UBL Comment
   List in order to address any IPR issues regarding the contributions
   from the public
 - TC Administration has accepted the above modus operandi with the proviso
   that periodic snapshots of the work be posted to Kavi
 - Ken will now write the XSLT stylesheets to merge the UBL 2.0 IDD with the
   UBL 2.1 definitions and create the raw UBL 2.1 IDD spreadsheets and try
   to mount them on Google (the Google Drive documentation indicates this
   shouldn't be a problem based on recent updates to Google software, but
   Ken has been experiencing problems with other large spreadsheets)

Conformance to CCTS 2.01

   - Do members of the TC agree that the Committee Note Draft 01 of UBL
     Conformance to ebXML CCTS ISO/TS 15000-5:2005 Version 1.0 dated 23
     April 2014 does not need a public review?

     - AGREED - unanimous by those present (only one voting member absent)

   - Do members of the TC approve requesting that OASIS TC Administration
     hold a Special Majority Ballot to approve Committee Note Draft 01
     of UBL Conformance to ebXML CCTS ISO/TS 15000-5:2005 Version 1.0
     dated 23 April 2014 contained in:


     ... to be published as Committee Note 01 of UBL Conformance to ebXML
     CCTS ISO/TS 15000-5:2005 Version 1.0 dated 23 April 2014 contained


     ... as approved with TC Administration?

     - AGREED - unanimous by those present (only one voting member absent)

Naming and Design Rules

  - Ken has submitted the formal request to register the new NDR document
    as a work product in the Standards Track
    - https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/TCADMIN-1704
  - Ken has started editing and will post a draft soon for committee comment
  - Ken outlined that the new NDR has prescriptive rules for someone needing
    to write new models (e.g. extensions to UBL or custom documents) and
    it has descriptive non-normative clauses relating the UBL TC application
    of the rules to produce UBL 2.1
  - Kees suggests we consider splitting the two into separate documents, the
    OASIS Standard being the prescriptive rules and a Committee Note being the
    descriptive clauses of how the UBL TC followed the rules

UBL TC next steps

  - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
  - UBL 2 is an organic thing that can be grown

  - what do we do for implementation support?
  - should we write a companion document of how to use the specification?
  - industry-specific documentation?
  - make it easier to find what is relevant without changing the actual

  - how about another UBL International conference in order to
    promote the release of UBL 2.1?  Can anyone host this conference?
      http://ublconference.com or http://ublconference.org
      - perhaps an event in North America and in Europe in 2014
        - Washington DC, Burlington MA (OASIS)?
        - http://www.exchange-summit.com/ - Barcelona - October 2014
        - BII - Paris in June?  Frankfurt in September?
        - Beijing June 2014 (JTC 1 SC32)?

  - how about a Twitter feed of UBL adoption and announcements?

  - what subject matter issues need to be addressed?
    - more transportation co-ordination issues
    - communications with transportation regulatory organizations

  - what technical issues need to be addressed?
    - are any schema changes needed?

  - what educational materials need to be made available?
    - how about YouTube videos regarding access to the UBL package?


 Next meetings:

   2014-04-30 Pacific 00:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
   2014-05-07 No meetings this week
   2014-05-14 Pacific 00:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT

 At the 2014-04-30 meeting please bring forward your ideas for the summer

 Please consider having a light meeting schedule in June, perhaps only a
 single meeting mid-month.

 Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
 privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

 TC calendar:

 TC calendar iCal subscription link:


 - question regarding inferred order of information in a UBL document
   - Kees asks about the example of the Address Line being a repeatable
     CAC:  the order of the lines is inferred by the order of the
     elements, is this sufficient? can it be assumed that a recipient's
     system will interpret the address lines correctly
   - will put on the agenda for next week, but if anyone has any ideas
     or input, please use the TC mail list before then

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