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Subject: Re: UBL International Data Dictionary 2.1 working spreadsheets are mounted

I have just taken the UBL 1.0 IDD and created starter spreadsheets for the UBL 2.1 IDD for Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese:


I've made the assumption that the semantics of the items with identical Dictionary Entry Names are suitable as a starting point for determining the UBL 2.1 definitions. If anyone who worked on UBL 1.0 semantics thinks these are not suitable, please let me know.

. . . . . . . . Ken

At 2014-05-15 11:47 -0400, I wrote:
I have just revised all four spreadsheets with some thoughts I had during the night. I realized that the spreadsheets did not serve well as *work* sheets, and that it would be helpful to have two more columns.

I've added column I (read/write) where participants can jot down notes or questions and answers for discussion purposes. This is a free-form cell. Use it as a scratch pad or a place where issues can be raised for discussion. How do you feel about deleting the cell contents when issues are resolved? That way we can simply look for non-empty cells to know that an issue is not resolved. There is an extensive edit history in Google Drive, so we likely will be able to retrieve any old discussions.

I've added column J (read-only) as a copy of the original column H IDD translation. This will allow reviewers to compare the edited IDD 2.1 translation with the original IDD 2.0 translation.

Note that the read-only columns (A-F,J,K) may appear on your edit screen with diagonal lines overlaid on top as a visual aid to know that you are not allowed to enter content in these columns. I find these lines make reading the content difficult. To remove these lines, uncheck "Protected Ranges" under the "View" menu. The columns remain read-only.

Google still has some border problems that are not apparent in the original ODS files that I created.

I've also been thinking about submissions from the general public (I guess I didn't sleep well last night!). I think we request that submissions to the UBL TC Comment List be organized as groups of four lines, prefixed with the column indicator, so that it is unambiguous which line goes in which column:

  B: Dictionary Entry Name
  G: Business Terms
  H: Definition
  I: Comments/questions

The IDD cells do not contain paragraphs, only a single paragraph per cell. So we ask submitters to write one line per column value.

I would like volunteers on the committee to take on primary responsibility for each language. They would help arbitrate any contentious issues regarding the translation for a given language. They would incorporate UBL Comment List outside submissions as they see fit. They would also track progress and report any problems to the UBL TC. Whey they come to the conclusion that their translation work is complete, then they can be the ones to bring forward the work to the UBL TC for review and publishing. Please do not rely on me helping with the translations, though I can support anyone with technical issues regarding the collaborative platform. I have enough UBL on my plate and I do not have an affinity for (human) languages.

Please let me know if you would like any other IDD worksheets added to the directory (perhaps is there sufficient interest in a Dutch IDD?).

These tasks are not trivial. There is a lot of work to be done and we now have a tool where members can participate asynchronously and collaboratively. Perhaps the importance of this task will draw more membership into the committee. If you are a member of the UBL TC with a corporate membership, perhaps you have colleagues or interns who can be designated as a member of the committee to do this work. This might be a meaningful task for an intern that would help them get up to speed with UBL while providing a community service.

Please let me know if you have any questions. And please remember to send me (off list) the email address you have associated with your Google Drive account if you wish to have editing permissions for any particular IDD spreadsheet.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

At 2014-05-14 23:15 -0400, I wrote:
Note that the German (DE) spreadsheet was only ever in a draft state and not finalized. I believe I have properly transcribed the other three languages, Spanish (ES), Italian (IT) and Japanese (JP), which were all voted on and approved for UBL 2.0.

Voting members who wish to contribute to these spreadsheets must give me (off list) their email address associated with their Google Drive accounts. I will then give those voting members edit access to columns G and H.

When column I is empty, then the UBL 2.1 definition for that BIE is either non-existent in UBL 2.0 or identical to UBL 2.0. When non-empty, it is the old UBL 2.0 definition before it was changed in UBL 2.1.

We need to review these sheets for any necessary technical changes before we start populating content. Thankfully, the spreadsheet is quite simple behind the scenes, so I'm not expecting to have to make any technical changes. Once people start making changes I cannot refresh the spreadsheets or their work will be lost.

Note that I am aware that Google Drive is corrupting the thick border to the right of column H of BBIE rows. In my master ODS file the thick border appears. After uploading the thick border disappears. This has been the least of the problems as I've had to make other changes to get around Google Drive bugs that are triggered on the BBIE rows.

Please post to the TC list your suggestions or bug reports ASAP. Next week I will post to the UBL Dev list the protocol of accepting input from non-members only through the UBL TC comment list.

Finally, note that these are collaborative spreadsheets and anyone can work on any of the sheets at the same time.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you find any problems. And please take the time in the next few days to review these so that we can earnestly start the editing process next week. As you are doing your tests, please keep record of what you are doing so that I can regenerate the starter spreadsheets next week before making them public.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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