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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 3 September 2014 00:00UTC

> ...
> CEN/PC 434 Electronic Invoicing
> - semantic standard for the definition of information in electronic documents
> - European members of the UBL committee are encouraged to sign up to their
>   national body committee and participate
> - https://www.cen.eu/work/areas/ICT/eBusiness/Pages/default.aspx
> - https://www.cen.eu/work/areas/ICT/eBusiness/Documents/N001_Calling%20notice%201st%20plenary%20meeting%20CENPC%20434%20Electronic%20Invoicing%202014-09-09.doc

Some additional information about this Project Committee, hopefully useful to the TC members.

PC 434 was established in CEN to produce a set of related deliverables, as requested by Directive 2014/55/UE (http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32014L0055): 
1) European standard for the semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice; 
2) a list with a limited number of syntaxes which comply with the European standard; 
3) the appropriate syntax bindings to the European Standard for each identified syntax and 
4) guidelines on transmission interoperability
The Commission is about to issue a Standardization Request (according to specific procedures and as requested by the mentioned Directive) that is available as draft here: http://ec.europa.eu/DocsRoom/documents/5615
The SR will likely ask additional deliverables, as it can be read in the pointed document. The SR is still a draft so the list of deliverables can still change, but the ones I listed above are asked directly by the Directive so they won't change.
You can also read both in the Directive and in the SR that the PC is not supposed to reinvent the wheel but be based on the existing material such as CWA 16356-MUG and CWA 16562-CEN BII.
Here is the PC 434 page:
Up to now there is not so much information, you can see there that NEN has the Secretariat role (and Jaap van der Marel is the secretary, same as CEN WS/BII3) and I was appointed as the PC chair.


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