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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 4 February 2015 15:00UTC - voting meeting



Atlantic teleconference:

  Oriol Bausa
  Kenneth Bengtsson
  Kees Duvekot
  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Ole Madsen

  Regrets received in advance:

  Martin Forsberg

Pacific teleconference attendance:

  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Tim McGrath
  Andy Schoka

  Regrets received in advance:

  Kenneth Bengtsson


   Additions to events calendar: http://ubl.xml.org/events
- CEN WS/BII - <http://www.cenbii.eu/events-activities/>http://www.cenbii.eu/events-activities/
       - February 17-19, 2015 - Istanbul
       - May 12-14, 2015 - Reykjavik
     - UN/CEFACT Plenary February 16-17, 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland
     - UN/CEFACT Forum April 20-24, 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland

   Review of Pacific call minutes

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Membership status review

     - voting status is determined by the following:
       - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
         maintain voting status
       - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
         voting status
     - committee officers (alphabetical):
       - Jon Bosak (secretary)
       - G. Ken Holman (co-chair)
       - Tim McGrath (co-chair)
     - current voting member list (alphabetical):
       - Oriol Bausa
       - Kenneth Bengtsson
       - Kees Duvekot
       - G. Ken Holman
       - Ole Madsen
       - Tim McGrath
       - Andy Schoka
     - members losing voting status:
       - Peter Borresen
   - what can we do to recruit more volunteers to the TC to share in the work?

   Web site maintenance (committee web site or UBL.xml.org)
    - the question arose regarding how to get email notifications of postings
      made to UBL.xml.org
      - Tim to find ways for UBL.xml.org to feed social media
    - UBL.xml.org needs to revisit the editorial board members and their
      section assignments
      - http://ubl.xml.org/editorial-board-and-editorial-policies
      - please notify Ken and Tim of your interest in helping
      - once we get new participants we will meet to discuss revamping the
    - how better to get a higher profile on the www.oasis-open.org web site?
      - how can we position UBL to make it easier for people looking for
        it without knowing its name, emphasizing it is an eBusiness standard

ISO/IEC DIS 19845 Universal Business Language Version 2.1 (UBL v2.1)

  - as of the posting of this agenda the stage remains at 40.60


- OASIS has forwarded to JTC 1 the proposed disposition of comments and OASIS
    is awaiting the response from JTC 1

Human Interface Subcommittee (HISC) revival

  - Peter to continue creating specifications using his spreadsheet approach
    - defining the box locations of the UN Layout Key forms
    - mapping UBL elements to the box locations
    - also developing input specifications
  - Peter and Ken to independently develop implementations to test the
  - tested specifications to be published by HISC as a Committee Note for
    others to use

UBL Maintenance Governance Procedures Version 1.0

  - Ole and Ken have created a working draft of the committee note draft
    for internal review:
  - tracking this as https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/UBL-11
  - while this is not out for formal public review, the contents are publicly-
    visible; non-committee members can make their comments using the UBL
    "Send A Comment" button at the top of the committee home page
  - discussed and agreed to include a diagram of the process
  - discussed splitting specifics from the body of the document into the
    annex for reference
  - add reference to errata process?
  - do the customization guidelines need to be updated?
  - please forward comments to the list by end of Friday February 6

UBL Guidelines for Mapping IFTM UN/EDIFACT Messages Version 1.0
  - tracking this as https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/UBL-12
  - please review the following:


  - Tim indicated that he sees a number of changes that need to be made and
    so another version for review will be published before changing stage

UBL Naming and Design Rules Version 3.0

  - Ken created working draft 4 with minor edits to a few titles and
    grammar; no substantive changes were made from working draft 3
  - tracking this as https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/UBL-6
  - we need to supply OASIS TC Administration with a list of interested
    external parties who should be notified of the public review

 Motion 1:

  Does the committee approve the UBL Naming and Design Rules Version 3.0
  Committee Specification Draft 01 Working Draft 04 packaged together at:


  ... as Committee Specification Draft 01, packaged together at:


  ... and designate the XML version of the document as authoritative,
  subject to any editorial changes required by OASIS TC Administration?

  AGREED - unanimous

 Motion 2:

  Does the committee approve releasing the UBL Naming and Design Rules
  Version 3.0 Committee Specification Draft 01 packaged together at:


  ... as Public Review Draft 01, packaged together at:


  ... for a 30-day public review, subject to any editorial changes
  required by OASIS TC Administration?

  AGREED - passed with one abstention

JIRA tickets
    https://issues.oasis-open.org/issues/?filter=11670 (note that the view can
be changed using the box icon at top right; the list view provides the most
    summary information, without the detail view obscuring the screen space)
    - when creating tickets, remember to distinguish the following components
      by how they are described to be used as categories:

UBL TC next steps

   - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
   - UBL 2 is an organic thing that can be grown

   - what do we do for implementation support?
   - should we write a companion document of how to use the specification?
   - industry-specific documentation?
   - make it easier to find what is relevant without changing the actual

   - how about a Twitter feed of UBL adoption and announcements?

   - what subject matter issues need to be addressed?
     - is there a need for XML equivalents to the container messages?
       - http://www.smdg.org/itigg/downloads/
       - Tim is already addressing the ITFM** messages, the question
         here is about the CO**** messages
       - we haven't seen any requests from people wanting XML for containers


  Next meetings:

    2015-02-11 Pacific 01:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 15:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    2015-02-18 Pacific 01:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 15:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    2015-02-25 Pacific 01:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 15:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    2015-03-04 Pacific 01:00UTC/20:00EDT, Atlantic 15:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT

  Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
  privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

  TC calendar:

  TC calendar iCal subscription link:


  - none

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