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Subject: Minor changes to NDR text of proposed disposition of comments

Fellow UBL TC members,

I made the time in the last week to implement from scratch new code supporting those rules of the new NDR that are related to the CCTS model. In the process I discovered a few minor changes that needed to be made, and these are now reflected in working draft 2 of committee specification draft 2 (CSD02WD02):


The changes I made are summarized below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

No-one has yet commented on the proposed disposition of comments posted earlier ... this document supercedes that one. If you had started reading it, you will find the changes below are minor.

. . . . . . . . Ken

COM06 - the example does not illustrate the use of an abbreviation, so I have changed it as follows:


"Binary Object. Uniform Resource. Identifier" is represented with the attribute named "uri"

COM07 - not all abbreviations may be entirely in upper case, so I have changed the wording as follows:

When an attribute's derived name is composed with an agreed-upon abbreviation in other than the leading name part, the abbreviation shall be used unchanged.

COM08 - of course a space is allowed in a name component ... it is when multiple spaces or leading and trailing spaces produce a problem, so I've reworded the rule as follows:

The following characters are prohibited in any CCTS information item that contributes to the dictionary entry name:
 - the characters "." (period) and "_" (underscore)
 - white-space characters other than the " " (space) character
 - leading, trailing or multiple sequential " " (space) characters

COM13 - the associated object class is mandatory but it doesn't state that that associated class must exist as an object with the same qualification (or lack thereof) as the associated object class qualification

The order of an ABIE's BBIEs before its ASBIEs is not expressed so I added COM15 to enforce that.

There is no prohibition on placing a BIE in the library somewhere outside of or away from the ABIE to which it belongs, so I've added:

COM16 - Every BIE for a given ABIE shall be organized in the library as being contained by or associated with the ABIE, in the order the BIEs are to be expressed in syntax.

There is no prohibition on two BIEs of a given ABIE having the same derived DEN, as there should be, so I've added:

COM17 - all Dictionary Entry Names in the entire model must be unique

In the UBL-specific information I note that every document ABIE has a signature ABIE, but this had not been noted in the informative sections regarding UBL.

Finally, there was a feeling that the spreadsheet formula expression language is arcane and so I've replaced the formulae with XPath expressions. This is consistent with the overall use of XML technology.

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