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Subject: Revised NDR tools for creating schemas and subset schemas

Fellow UBL TC members,

I am pleased to announce a significant upgrade in my free tools to create UBL schemas from spreadsheets. Now one can specify in a spreadsheet any number of profile subsets, and then create schemas for each of those profiles using the new package:


All our free resources are announced in this RSS feed:


If you wish to create a subset of UBL, you can start with a copy of this spreadsheet:


In that spreadsheet you can see two columns for the cardinality for profiles (you can have as many columns as you need), and a column for comments about the subset. All you have to do is plug in a "0" as the cardinality for a BIE that is not to be included in the schema. You can also change the cardinality (but you cannot lower the minimum nor raise the maximum).

You can then download the ODS of the spreadsheet, convert it to genericode and then create all of the profile subets from the one genericode file.

If you only want the subset schema of a given document type or types, that can be requested at invocation without having to specify any changes in cardinality.

The details (and a diagram) are kept up-to-date in this document:


Please let me know (off list, unless of general interest) if you have any questions regarding this.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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