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Subject: Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 24 June 2015 14:00UTC

Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 24 June 2015 14:00UTC


Atlantic teleconference:

  Kenneth Bengtsson
  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Ole Madsen

Pacific teleconference attendance:

  G. Ken Holman (convener)
  Tim McGrath


   Additions to events calendar: http://ubl.xml.org/events
     - no new events to add at this time

   Review of Pacific call minutes

   Review of Atlantic call minutes

   Membership status review

     - voting status is determined by the following:
       - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
         maintain voting status
       - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
         voting status
     - committee officers (alphabetical):
       - Jon Bosak (secretary)
       - G. Ken Holman (co-chair)
       - Tim McGrath (co-chair)
     - current voting member list (alphabetical):
       - Oriol Bausa
       - Kenneth Bengtsson
       - Kees Duvekot
       - G. Ken Holman
       - Ole Madsen
       - Tim McGrath
       - Andy Schoka
     - members approaching losing voting status:
       - Oriol Bausa

ISO/IEC FDIS 19845 Universal Business Language Version 2.1 (UBL v2.1)

  - FDIS ballot now completed ... status changed today to "50.60 (Close of
    voting. Proof returned by secretariat)" ... awaiting distribution of
  - regarding citing the work, any discussion regarding what we discussed
    last meeting using the following for a version specific reference:

     OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) v2.1 (ISO/IEC 19845)

  - the following would be used for a general reference:

     OASIS UBL (ISO/IEC 19845)

UBL Naming and Design Rules Version 3.0

  - public review ended April 15, 2015
  - formal comments received:
  - Ken has posted a second draft of the disposition document
  - Tim has posted his comments for Ken's review
  - Tim will work on a more detailed set of proposed changes for Ken

New UBL Pre-award Procurement Subcommittee:

  - the new mail list is up and running:
  - the new SC site is ready to use:
  - please use the "Join This SC" button to add yourself to the subcommittee

New UBL Post-award Procurement Subcommittee:

  - the new mail list is up and running:
  - the new SC site is ready to use:
  - please use the "Join This SC" button to add yourself to the subcommittee

Closing old Procurement Subcommittee:

  - Ken has posted to the old OASIS Procurement Subcommittee that members
    should now sign up to either or both of the new procurement subcommittees


  - Ken will soon work with TC Administration to freeze the old committee
    assets as an archive

JIRA tickets
    https://issues.oasis-open.org/issues/?filter=11670 (note that the view can
be changed using the box icon at top right; the list view provides the most
    summary information, without the detail view obscuring the screen space)
    - when creating tickets, remember to distinguish the following components
      by how they are described to be used as categories:

UBL TC next steps

   - what promotional issues need to be addressed?


  Next meetings:

    2015-07-01 Pacific 01:00UTC/21:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    2015-07-08 No meeting
    2015-07-15 Pacific 01:00UTC/21:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    2015-07-22 No meeting
    2015-07-29 Pacific 01:00UTC/21:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT
    No meetings in August unless circumstances demand we schedule one.
    2015-09-02 Pacific 01:00UTC/21:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/16:00CEST/10:00EDT

  Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
  privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

  TC calendar:

  TC calendar iCal subscription link:


  - new tools from Ken to create a "normative subset" (a subset of
      the common schema for any given document type) and multiple
      "profile subsets" (a subset of the common schema and
      document schema based on profile inclusion/exclusion):


    - Tim raised the question of whether we create a Committee Note of
      different normative subset schemas of individual document types
      and document-type groupings

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