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Subject: Documentary columns of the spreadsheet

During today's pre-award call we talked about the lack of usefulness of the context columns of the spreadsheet. And because of cut and paste issues, it is observed that many values have not been properly maintained.

I propose we remove columns W through AD for the 2.2 master spreadsheet:

 W  Context: Business Process
 X  Context: Region (Geopolitical)
 Y  Context: Official Constraints
 Z  Context: Product
 AA Context: Industry
 AB Context: Role
 AC Context: Supporting Role
 AD Context: System Constraint

Also, I propose that in the 2.2 master spreadsheet we empty the Editor's Notes column of all comments so that any comments put in are in regard to 2.2 and not any earlier version.

Please speak up if you have any opinions regarding not implementing these proposed actions.

. . . . . . . Ken

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