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Subject: Delay posting agenda; meeting still as scheduled

Fellow UBL TC members,

There is no change to the date and time of our Pacific call:


... or our access:


However, I am delayed posting the agenda because I have to get TC Admin approval regarding our ability to shut down a requested public review.

In some non-OASIS work this morning with the OASIS BD-NDR I discovered some faults related to data types and this rippled into changes also for the OASIS UBL NDR.

Business Document Naming and Design Rules

- there was no distinction between BBIE data type declarations for qualified and unqualified data types
   - DCL11 is split into DCL11 for BBIEs with unqualified data types and DCL12
     for BBIEs with qualified data types
 - there were no rules for declaring qualified data types in the QDT module
- DCL13 was added regarding how to declare a qualified data type based on an
     unqualified data type
 - there was no distinction regarding the way a unqualified data type is
   derived from either a CCTS CCT data type or an XSD base data type
   - UDT04 was revised to highlight this distinction
 - the new rules also reflect a change from <xsd:extension> to be
- a vacuous extension is the same as a vacuous restriction, but semantically
     we are doing restrictions, not extensions
   - the BBIE declarations only ever used vacuous extensions and should all
     along have been vacuous restrictions
- none of these changes introduces any backwards-compatibility problems in the
   future schemas
 - the revised committee specification draft is found at:

UBL Naming and Design Rules

 - notes are added regarding the differences between UBL 2.1 declarations and
   the revised declarations of BD-NDR
 - none of these changes reflects any backwards-compatibility problems in the
   future schemas
 - the revised committee note draft is found at:

I am preparing revised dispositions of comments and have already prepared the revised public review documents for voting in the agenda.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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