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Subject: Revision to the JSON discussion paper

Fellow UBL TC members,

I have revised the JSON discussion paper today:


This incorporates the changes noted in minutes of previous UBL teleconferences by mentioning XML transliteration fidelity and by underscoring (with justification) that the proposed format is suitable for interchange but not necessarily suitable for direct ingestion by some commercial tools.

I've also tried working in the lab a bit with the constraints and I was tripping over the Document ABIE. So, in this revision I have proposed restructuring the Document ABIE to be far more similarly structured to the ASBIE. It adds a "[0]" list index reference to every expression, but I think symmetry is more important (to understanding) than saving a few keystrokes. I can be swayed if reviewers think that the earlier asymmetry of the Document ABIE is not important and the result should be what we had before.

This new link will be in the minutes of tomorrow's meeting.

I look forward to discussing this new revision.

. . . . . . . Ken

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