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Subject: Re: [ubl] Formal proposal for the UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee

Hi Ken

I can make Monday at 1400 UTC. Friday I would be able to make at 1500 but not before. I’ll have a look at the charter over the next couple of days.

Best regards,


On 5/3/17, 9:20 PM, "ubl@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of G. Ken Holman" <ubl@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com> wrote:

    The following fulfills the obligations on our committee in the 
    creation of a new subcommittee.  I apologize that this did not get 
    properly covered in our meeting this morning when it came to mind to 
    create the committee sooner rather than later, but we need to polish 
    this before it is accepted by TC Administration, as they need such 
    detail and they need explicit acceptance of the detail.
    A vote on the details below will be held at our next meeting, 
    schedule for May 17, 2017, if not before.
    First, though, what edits need we make below?  The statement of 
    purpose has to be improved a lot because I don't have any depth in 
    the topic to write this properly.  I'm using the Pre-Award 
    Subcommittee as a template:
    Can you please let me know (ASAP and off list) if you are available 
    for a 5-minute UBL TC meeting Friday May 5, 14:00UTC or Monday May 8, 
    14:00UTC to vote on and approve the following as a motion for 
    creating the new subcommittee.  If so, then on Thursday I will 
    formally call for the meeting if the edits for below are done.
    . . . . . . Ken
    Proposed charter straw-man for consideration:
    UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee
    Identifying requirements for standardized UBL document types for 
    processes related to making payments and enabling financing.
    Proposed co-chairs:
       Kenneth Bengtsson, Individual Member
       Todd Albers, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    Statement of purpose:
    The culmination of the processes currently defined for procurement in 
    UBL end in the issuance of the invoice and use of the remittance 
    advice.  But there are processes that are triggered by the existence 
    of an invoice, and these involve the participation of roles that are 
    not currently recognized in existing UBL processes.
    Considering the availability of standardized documents already in the 
    area of payments, the ISO 20022 specification standardizes concepts 
    and information items, but does not standardize the assembly of these 
    items into well-defined formal messages for document 
    interchange.  Moreover, the available information items do not 
    accommodate helpful information from the procurement process leading 
    up to the issuance of the invoice.  Building UBL documents in harmony 
    with ISO 20022 satisfies the established user-base of UBL's common 
    library in other UBL documents while ensuring the information can be 
    transmitted to systems that may already be operating with ISO 20022.
     From a processing perspective it is important to have the invoice 
    document in its role in procurement distinct from payments and 
    financing documents because of the roles involved in working with the 
    documents and the processes that are engaged with those 
    documents.  Other examples found internationally of the invoice 
    conflate procurement and payment information in a single document 
    that can be difficult to work with by all parties.
    All information exchanged during payments and financing must be 
    trusted to ensure the integrity of the process. This requirement is 
    often supported by legislation.
    The UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee is tasked with identifying 
    requirements for the development and implementation of standardized 
    UBL document types for payments- and finance-related processes that 
    have the potential to bridge UBL procurement systems to banking 
    systems and other systems supporting the handling of payments and/or 
    financing of invoices.
    Scope of Work
    1. To liaise with governments, industry, and organizations 
    responsible for payments and finance to identify business and legal 
    requirements for associated processes.
    2. To develop, document and maintain the semantic conceptual models 
    for the UBL Payment and Finance package within the UBL package as a 
    whole. This may include identifying suitable code lists.
    3. To liaise regarding the payment and finance models with other 
    subcommittees in UBL as required.
    4. To foster implementations of UBL for payment and finance through 
    coordination, guidance, and responsiveness to queries in order to 
    test the viability of UBL implementations in real-world scenarios. 
    For example, the Web Payments Working Group at the W3C.
    5. To develop informative materials as an aid to developers of UBL 
    based applications and interfaces.
    6. The Subcommittee is not responsible for the generation of any XML Schema.
    The pace of development will attempt to keep up with the release of 
    new versions of UBL, beginning with UBL 2.3.
    List of Deliverables
    1. UBL payments and finance process model(s)
    2. UBL payments and finance document model(s)
    3. UBL package documentation of the payments and finance models
    Possible Deliverables
    4. Descriptions of representative payments and financing scenarios
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