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Subject: Fwd: Re: [members] Invitation to comment on Universal Business Language V2.2 from the UBL TC - ends Dec. 7th

Hello TC,

please find a few comments on the UBL 2.2 specification at the 2.3.8 paragraph.

Usually we present business documents in terms of the process where they are used, such as in the " Utility Billing" paragraph.

This reason I would slightly revise the Party's information processes as follows. I added some meaningful text in "green" so please read this mail using HTML.

2.3.8 Business Directory and Agreements Directory Introduction

One of the increasing challenges with undertaking digital business is discovering and recording the specific operational and technical capabilities of trading organizations to reciprocate in digital trading agreements that are interoperable. As the market relies less and less on single service provider hubs and moves to a federated 4-corner model for document exchanges, this information becomes distributed across various parties. Business Card

In the Business Party Introduction process the Business Card allows a standardized way of presenting general trading capability information as well as company’s main communication channels and references to company presentations such as flyers and brochures.

Figure 75. Business Party Introduction process

[Business Card Diagram] Digital Capability presentation

Tthe Digital Capability allows a standardized way of presenting digital trading capability ratification in a form that can be published or exchanged with trading partners. The digital capabilities of business partners are the source for building a Digital Agreement.

Figure 76. Digital capability presentation process

[Digital Capability

The data structures have been derived from the work of ebXML CPPA (Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement), OpenPEPPOL and other directory services initiatives.

... other parts are ok ...

Roberto Cisternino

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