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Subject: Minutes of UBL face-to-face meeting - Fremantle, Australia - 2018-01

Minutes of UBL face-to-face meeting - Fremantle, Australia - 2018-01


In person:
Martin Forsberg - Sweden
Kees Duvekot - Netherlands
Oriol Bausà Peris - Catalonia
Peter Borresen - Denmark
Todd Albers - USA
G. Ken Holman - Canada

By teleconference:
Kenneth Bengtsson - Peru
Erlend Klakegg Bergheim - Norway
Ole Ellerbæk Madsen - Denmark


 - discussion of extensions and extension methodology based on experiences
   and feedback from users

- how to develop for others more documentation and assistance in deploying UBL

 - cleaning up the pre-award for UBL 2.2

 - new requirements for transportation and handling of goods
 - how to get more inputs into Transportation SC from outside

 - bring US requirements for business documents into upcoming UBL 2.3

 - support everyone in meeting their goals
 - determine if any updates needed for production or publication (none
   known of at this time)

Motion of appreciation:
 - the UBL committee very much appreciates the hospitality and generosity
   of Tim McGrath for hosting the meeting's social event yesterday of
   kangaroo burgers and kangaroo sausages, and for his support of the
   meeting logistics
   - AGREED unanimously

Presentation from Todd Albers of the US Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis:
 - slides attached
 - discussions reviewed the presentation content in the context of
   experiences in Europe

Discussion of UBL 2.1
 - ISO/IEC 19845 version of UBL 2.1 is available at no cost through:

Extensions at the XML level
 - extension point currently at the beginning of every document type
 - one defines one's own elements in one's own namespace
 - the existing library is already very very big
 - new generations of solutions replace legacy UBL solutions
 - requirement for peculiarities to be supported
 - example of a European company using UBL as an in-house format
   - looked at extension point and found it to be un-intuitive
   - too many users need to be trained on the use of extensions
 - an extensive discussion ensued regarding possible ways forward
   resulting in two possibilities to consider:
   - leave the status quo
     - one optional extension point at the start of each document
   - add an extension point at the beginning of every ABIE
 - Action: Ken to create a suite of UBL 2.1 schemas with the proposed
   UBLExtensions at the start of every ABIE, using a development
   namespace so as not to be confused with the real UBL 2.1

Discussion of UBL 2.2
 - CSPRD03 needed to address final issues in the CSPRD02 comment disposition
 - will trigger a 15-day public review of only the changes
 - Erlend indicated that Pre-award SC would modify the spreadsheet and inform
   Ken when ready to produce CSPRD03
 - countdown to standardization outlined in our UBL Governance document:


   - CSPRD03 prepared in first week of February for 15-day review
   - Candidate OASIS Standard COS1 prepared in early March
- https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process-2017-05-26#OSsubmission
   - search begins for Statements of Use of candidate UBL 2.2
     - we need three statements of use to make UBL 2.2 a final standard
- https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-defined-terms-2017-05-26#dStatementUse
   - 15-day TC Administration review by end of March
   - 60-day public review of COS1 over end of May
   - 14-day OASIS member ballot at beginning of June
   - late June UBL 2.2 becomes an OASIS Standard
   - mid-May we will begin the ISO revision process for ISO/IEC 19845
   - we never know what the TC Admin workload will be at any given step
     to know if any steps will be delayed
   - we are already 6 months from our original objective of end of 2017

Documentation and assistance in the use of UBL
 - new business-oriented documentation is needed to help readers in the use
   of UBL for processes that share use common library components
   - only at a piecemeal level, not at an overview level
   - "how the pieces work", not "a sample business process"
 - not everything, just the "gluing between documents"
 - need to scope the work because otherwise everything would have to be
 - each of the subcommittees is tasked with determining what documentation to
   add for UBL 2.3 in this regard
- the work will only get done if there are members willing to pull the content

Services reporting requirements
 - associated with an order, not with an invoice
 - exchange can trigger an invoice
 - customer can use the document to verify the services have been supplied
- similar to despatch advice and receipt advice, and possibly utility statement
 - established that we do need to consider a new process involving new
   documents that support the reporting of service consumption
 - possibly include the supply of virtual goods (e.g. download)
 - to be handled by Post-award SC

Other procurement issues
 - how to report the status of incomplete billing? use DocumentStatus
 - is "TrackingID" from DocumentStatusRequest needed in DocumentStatus?
 - do we need a "SimplifiedInvoice" or "Receipt" document type, or do
   we simply change the AccoutingCustomerParty to optional (which is
   backward compatible)?

Transportation issues to be proposed by Transportation SC
 - regarding customs import/export declarations
   - in UBL 2.3 add BBIEs and ABIEs to existing documents with which one can
     then create WCO import and export declarations
 - regarding Certificate of Origin
   - possibly describe a new process that includes a request document
 - regarding product/shipping history and provenance
   - what is missing in UBL today that can track provenance and shipping
     history for goods?
   - create generic constructs that can be applied to food, wood, natural
     material products, etc.
   - propose the business processes and request/response documents that would
     exchange the new information (e.g. Certificate)
 - regarding country of origin of goods, propose additional ASBIEs/BBIEs
 - propose a new Carnet document type for the temporary imports of goods
   for exhibitions and its associated business processes

 - so far the formal conformance has been related to the schemas and the
   additional document constraints
 - based on deployment experience, is it necessary to elaborate the
   conformance clauses to incorporate additional common sense rules?
 - but where to stop?  Each community has their own customization rules.

Attendees are encouraged to respond to these minutes with any additions or repairs to what has been recorded here as I was hampered by my active participation in the compelling discussions. We should do this more often!

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