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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 28 February 2018 15:00UTC

Roberto, would you please move your comments to the JIRA ticket regarding extensible ABIES?


As discussed at our last meeting, those interested in any given JIRA ticket should subscribe to that ticket's updates. Soon the TC will move to "terse" mode for JIRA ticket notifications. Each ticket is subscribed to individually.

Thank you!  Your ideas in this regard are very interesting.

. . . . . . Ken

At 2018-03-03 17:38 +0100, JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino wrote:
Hello UBL TC,
I send some comments on the UBL extension topic.

Il 28/02/2018 17:47, G. Ken Holman ha scritto:
    - add an extension point at the beginning of *every* ABIE, not just the
      document ABIEs

I always hated extension, but I had to use them a few times.

I do not think that the requirement of having an extension point on every ABIE is to create complex data structures, but simple information items.

I also think that these small extension points should reference a document-level UBLExtension that should act as the main extension definition (e.g. for accounting purposes)

I now start calling this context-driven extension a LocalExtension, but it is just an example.

I would leave extensions based on other non-UBL namespaces at document-level using the actual UBLExtension, so I skipped this aspect here.

I drafted this LocalExtension as a very generic and simple business information extension as follows:

LocalExtension [0..n]
* ID [0..1] An identifier for the Local Extension assigned by the creator of the extension. * DocumentExtensionID [1..1] An identifier to reference the Document-level Extension driving this Local Extension. * ExtensionName [1..1] A meaninful business term describing this Local Extension.
   * ExtensionTypeCode [0..1]    A code for the type of Local Extension.
* Percent [0..1] A percent value that may be required by this Extension. * Amount [0..1] An amount value that may be required by this Extension. * Quantity [0..1] A quantity value that may be required by this Extension. * Value [0..1] A textual value that may be required by this Extension. * DocumentReference [0..1] A document reference that may be required by this Extension.

I hope it is enougth clear, I wil appreciate your comments.

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