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Subject: Draft charter clarification

Dear all


As discussed the past weeks  as part of the new obligatory OASIS TC Vitality review, the members of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC wish to continue the work of the TC. Since our current charter does not contain a section with a scope, it has been agreed to clarify the charter with the addition of a Scope of Work section.


Below is the finalized draft of a clarified charter, as agreed this week. I will include in next week’s agenda a motion to request that TC Admin sets up a ballot to approve the clarified charter. Please let me know good time in advance if you have any comments or changes.


1. Name of the TC


OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC


2. Statement of Purpose


The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the interchange of structured business messages and documents has existed since the 1970’s. Various syntaxes exist for EDI, and the later widespread use of XML, JSON and other syntaxes has led to the development of even more proprietary and industry-specific business message and document formats, leading to a global lack of harmonization and interoperability. The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC solves this problem by defining a syntax neutral semantic library for business documents (the UBL semantic library) that can be restricted or extended to meet the requirements of particular industries, sectors and communities, as well as providing interoperability between systems and vendors when used as a generic interchange document format.


3. Scope of work of the TC


The specific objectives of the TC are:


  • To define, specify and maintain the UBL specification, the UBL semantic library, as well as associated and supporting work products
  • To continue promoting UBL’s status as the international standard for electronic business documents
  • fulfill the responsibilities of the designated maintenance authority for ISO/IEC 19845 as well as any other publicly available specification submitted by the TC to an external standards development organization (SDO)


4. List of deliverables


The TC will work on delivering the following work products:


  • Publication of the UBL semantic library
  • Production of XML and other syntax bindings from the semantic library, as well as technical specifications supporting their use and implementation
  • Production of Committee Notes and Specifications to provide guidance for implementing UBL


5. IPR Mode:


The TC will operate under the RF on Limited Terms Mode of the OASIS IPR Policy.


6. Audience


The target groups of the TC are all public and private entities interested in the exchange structured business documents, for example:


  • ERP vendors
  • Software and service providers
  • National, regional and local public authorities
  • Procurement and trade communities
  • E-invoicing networks
  • Supply chain communities
  • Logistics and transportation companies


7. Language


The business of the Technical Committee will be conducted in English.


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