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Subject: Test of new JSON instance conventions

Fellow UBL TC members,

In order to progress my work on the BDNDR this week, I can use some help from others in a quick review of the attached ZIPped three files.

Invoice.xml is a test XML instance from our distribution.

test-legacy.json is a test JSON equivalent following the "legacy mode" conventions of every construct being in an array in order to be future-proof for future versions of the schema that have unbounded cardinality for any item.

test-schema.json is a test JSON equivalent following the "schema mode" conventions of only those constructs already with unbounded cardinality being in an array and all other constructs not being in an array (because there can only ever be one of them).

Are these two instances what you were expecting to see? I need some confirmation before I continue with synthesizing the schema-mode schemas. These instances are being synthesized using an updated CCTSXML2JSON.xsl stylesheet I've been working on.

BTW, can anyone propose alternative names to consider for "schema mode"? It is the mode that is schema-aware for the unbounded cardinality, but it is going to be a bit ambiguous to have a JSON-Schema file name like invoice-schema.json for the schema-mode schema as opposed to invoice-legacy.json for the legacy-mode schema (since the word "schema" isn't in the name).

How about "model mode" and "legacy mode", with invoice-model-schema.json and invoice-legacy-schema.json as the JSON-Schema filenames? Would that be better? And the test files would be test-legacy.json and test-model.json.

Thank you for your prompt feedback ... I'm right at the point of needing a decision regarding the content of these files and the naming conventions to continue the work on the BDNDR.

. . . . . . Ken

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