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Subject: [uddi-comment] FW: UDDI.org transition to OASIS and Invitation to Jointhe OASIS UDDI Open Comment

Title: FW: UDDI.org transition to OASIS and Invitation to Join the OASIS UDDI Open Comment

 -----Original Message-----
From:   Luc Clement 
Sent:   Wednesday, July 31, 2002 13:10
To:     'uddi-general@yahoogroups.com'; 'uddi-technical@yahoogroups.com'
Cc:     Uddi-Wg (uddi-wg@yahoogroups.com); 'uddi-ag@yahoogroups.com'
Subject:        UDDI.org transition to OASIS and Invitation to Join the OASIS UDDI Open Comment

Dear Community Members,

We are pleased to announce that UDDI.org has transitioned its work to OASIS, becoming the newest OASIS Member Section. Fulfilling our original commitment to submit UDDI to a recognized standards organization, the UDDI Standards Transition Committee selected OASIS as the best match. We invite you to read the press release (http://uddi.org/news/uddi_news_07_30_02.html) and visit the http://uddi.org site for additional information.

As a valued member of the UDDI community, your ongoing participation in the OASIS UDDI Member Section is vital. In moving the UDDI work to OASIS, additional opportunities to participate in the specification development are now available. All members will be able to actively participate in all aspects of the specification design and development.

We invite members of the uddi-general@yahoogroups.com and uddi-technical@yahoogroups.com lists to join the OASIS UDDI Open Comment “uddi-comments@oasis-open.org” mailing list. This list will be used for public comment on the work of the UDDI Member Section. To join the list, please visit http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl.

To foster a rapid adoption of the OASIS UDDI Open Comment list members of the UDDI Working Group transitioning to OASIS have started monitoring this list. Please also note that the owners of the [uddi-general] and [uddi-technical] lists intend to deactivate these by the end of September 2002.

In addition to joining the uddi-comments@oasis-open.org list we encourage you to exercise one of the following options:

Scott McGrath at OASIS (scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org) will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the transition and your contributions as members of OASIS.

There is much exciting work ahead. On behalf of the UDDI Working Group, I would like to thank you all for your support and urge you to continue to advance UDDI within OASIS.

Luc Clément
Program Manager, UDDI.org

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