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Subject: [uddi-comment] Questions about Subscription API (UDDI v3)

   Hi guys.
Could somebody help me with two questions about Subscriptions/Notifications in UDDI v3?
1) We have a subscription for Business Entities, whose names start with "A", established in time t(0).
Listener of this subscription receives notification message in time t(n) and t(n+1).
            create "A"
t(0)      t(n)   v          t(n+1)
|-- ... --|-----------------|
                   delete "A"
Question: Will the deleted business "A" be in the notification that comes in time t(n+1)?
I think the deletion should not be reported because the listener has never received a notification about existence of business "A". It seems UDDI would report only the deletion of business "A", whose creation has been already reported. Is that right? If not, what notifications will the subscriber get?

2) There are different results of synchronous and asynchronous calls in examples of Subscriptions - UDDI v3 specification, Appendix C (page 354). There are no keys of deleted entities in the synchronous result over the same database. Is this a bug?
Ales Lipovy

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