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Subject: RE: [uddi-comment] UDDI - Webservice

Hi Petter,

As Anne rightly pointed out ....

>> Also, UDDI doesn't do the discovery. A service provider uses UDDI to
>> advertise information about his services, and it's up to the service
>> provider to determine what information he wants to register 
>> in UDDI.

Now, if an Carrier was to deploy Parlay-X, and register Parlay-X
WSDL's in a UDDI Registry - with the appropriate other UDDI service
definition structures - then ..... I would argue that Network Elements,
such as SMSC's, MMSC's and even Call Control capabilities would be
exposed as web services, and can be discovered.  Policy Enforcement
Procedures (PEP) may limit access to certain Network Elements, and the
Network Element WSDL may actually contain a URI that implements
the PEP before the SMSC web service is actually invoked; Operators
tend to be very careful to not expose their "crown jewels" to all &
sundry ;-) 

>> If the service provider wants to include information about "network 
>> elements", he can. A service consumer uses UDDI to search for services
>> to find the metadata that he needs to use the service, including these
>> elements".

Absolutely, and Parlay-X is one approach to 'enabling' Telco Network
Elements to be discovered.

It is very, very unlikely (IMHO) that the Telco Network Elements will
ever be registered in a UBR, but they will be registered in Private UDDI
Registry that the Operator maintains.  This, again in my opinion, is
what OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) is proposing in their Mobile Web Service


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