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Subject: reg. broken projections

To anyone who has worked / is working on UDDI.

The UDDI specification is not clear when talking about
how to handle broken projections. Would appreciate if
anyone can shed more light on this.

Consider the scenario in which a user has made a
find_service request by just providing a businessKey.
The UDDI registry is expected to return all services
under the business whose key was given, including
projections. The user may also wishe the results to be
truncated, by mentioning a 'maxRows' value.

* Should broken projections under the business be

* While truncating the search results, should valid
services be given priority over broken projections,
assuming that a user may be more interested only in
valid projections? Or should there be no
discrimination while truncating?

* If the find request also mentions a 'sortByName'
find qualifier, how are broken projections(which will
not have a name) to be handled?


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