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Subject: Getting the hole picture...


First I want to menation that I only know UDDI from what I read in the
white papers and that I don't have any practical experience with using

I somehow have problems getting the whole picture how the UDDI
registries work together and how information and queries are distributed
among them.

My question is: Is it possible to build a "federation" of public UDDI
registries, where queries are also forwarded to the other registries? I
have something like DNS in mind. I can ask the companie's local DNS
server for resolving host names. The server either knows the name or
forwards the query to the next server in the hierarchie. 

Is something similar possible with UDDI registries? In the wihite paper
there is a Figure 3: Conceptual Illustration of Registry Interaction.
I'm wondering if there is a different interaction pattern between UBR
nodes than "Replication".


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