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Subject: tModel Definition


I am trying to develop a tModel that has specific keyNames but open 
ended values. However, all of the tModel definition instructions I have 
found do not really define, at least within XML Schema language, which 
keyName/keyValue types. I ultimately want UDDI to be able to narrow a 
search based on the keyName/keyValue pairs.

For Instance:
<reference keyName="specification">

 <value>Lite Hosting</value>

Then I could search for all services with a 
Specification, name="cxoAccount" version="1.3.?" 

I hope this is not too abstract. Ultimately I am looking for how to 
define a tModel where some element keyNames are defined, and then some 
are not, because the name and value will both be used to search. Any 
help on this would be greatly beneficial.

Clayton Coleman
CXO Designs

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