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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

Jørgen Thyme wrote:

> I have looked at the specs for v3 for the ebXML registry.
I am very glad that you took the time to do so. Others with less 
patience may find it easier to read link [6] in following:


> Although the information model looks more detailed than in UDDI my 
> immediate thinking was that adding my taxonomies in UDDI I can achieve 
> a lot.

As far as I know, adding new taxonomies (complete with taxonomy values) 
is quite vendor specific in UDDI 3. Also there is no standard way to 
extend values for standard/checked taxonomies for domain specific profiles.

Also as you hinted at there are many additional features in ebXML 
Registry. See link [8] in following:


The big difference is that ebXML Registry has a standard repository 
where things like WSDL, Schema, BPEL etc. can be published, versioned, 
governed, discovered, reused  etc. This allows things like fine grained 
access control of such artifacts.

A key feature is our content validation and cataloging services. We will 
be showing at JavaONE 2005 (June 26-June 30) at booth #802, how simply 
publishing a WSDL (the actual WSDL not just some pointer to it) to the 
registry results in a WSDL cataloging service to be invoked  that 
generates all the metadata for the WSDL based on  processing of the 
WSDLs. We then show how custom WSDL specific queries can be used to do 
discovery queries like:

-Find all WSDL doc that use a specified namespace patter

-Find all Bindings or Services that have a certain text pattern in their 

-Find all Bindings that are SOAP bindings AND use DOC Literal style AND 
do not use HTTP  as transport
The discovery queries are open ended and can be defined in a standard 
manner by verticals, administrators and even end users fully supported 
by the standard.

Finally, the ebXML Registry TC is working on defining a series of 
"Profiles" of ebXML Registry usage for various verticals and domains 
specific use cases.
One key profile is a WS profile which will standardize how WSDL is 
managed in an ebXML Registry.

Imagine now, given that any two ebXML Registries can organically 
federate together and a user can query the federation of registries as 
if it were a single registry,
that our WSDL Discovery queries can now search for WSDL across any 
number of registries and return a unified result. And all this with very 
fine grained ability to do access control.

In a nut-shell, ebXML Registry is about "Enabling, Secure, Federated 
Information Management".

> And there are several implementations of UDDI.
As there are of ebXML Registry. These include Sun, Adobe, ebXMLSoft, 
Infravio, KTNET and several others.

> What are your thoughts? Will vendors of UDDI registries add ebXML 
> registry functionality to their existing products? Or will there be a 
> complete new set of registry products coming?
For my thoughts on the future of registry standards see:


Lastly, I request that people avoid flaming me for this email. I do not 
say anything negative about UDDI but only state facts about unique 
features of ebXML Registry. Thanks you.

Farrukh Najmi

Editor: ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Semantic Content Management SC of OASIS ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Registry SC of OASIS egov TC
Lead Architect: freebXML Registry open source project ( 
http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net )
Federated Information Management Architect: Sun Microsystems
fn:Farrukh Najmi

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