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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

I'm involved in a project which is aiming to develop a
geospatial registration center, and we took ebXML as
the infrastructure model.
On advantage of ebXML is that every object instance
can be associated with another one and the association
type can be customized. Also, there are three built-in
classification related objects (classification,
classification scheme, and classified object) which
can be used to maintain classification information to
classified each object instance within the ebXML
Personally I think, although ebXML and UDDI deal with
the same thing(Registry/Repository) and work in the
same way(Defining Information Model and Accessing
Methods),they have different aims.
UDDI seems to focus on SOA architecture to provide a
means to registry/find/bind Web Service Instances. So
all of the UDDI Information Model Elements are just
around the Web Service related issues, like how to
identify, how to registry related technical
information. However, ebXML seems to enable an
business information registration and integration.
Much of the ebXML Model Elements are just
corresponding to the actual business flows. So it's
designed to be more flexible and expandable. 

To support both of these standards seems a good idea
but not the only choice for us. SUN's solution is a
god example but not a de facto standard. What we
should do should be based on what we need to do. If
this model can not solve your problem, try another or
even try to integrate them.



Yuqi BAI, Ph.D.
School of Computational Sciences
George Mason University

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