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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

Patrick Chan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I agree with Governor.  I am currently at the Asia ebXML EAC meeting 
> in Hong Kong.  We have seen quite a number of
> case studies in Asia revolving on work that utilises ebXML (e.g. DTTN 
> (Digital Transportation and Trading Network) in Hong Kong
> that leverages ebMS but not the registry at the moment,  e-Taiwan 
> project, Sony Music in Hong Kong etc.).

+1 Asia is leading the pack on ebXML adoption.

As for ebXML Registry, for a partial list of deployments of just one 
implementation of ebXML Registry,
namely my own open source project "freebXML Registry" see:


The link is somewhat outdated and does not include some notable 
additions such as United Nations, US Department of Defense etc.

In addition there are entire verticals that have made a normative 
dependency in their specs on the ebXML Registry standard:

-Open GIS (Geo-spatial)

-IHE XDR (Healthcare - Electronic Medical Records)

-sdmx.org (statistic)

The most common theme to the reasons behind this adoption are that ebXML 
Registry standard is:

-Extensible and  can be tailored to domain specific use cases

-Supports Secure, Federated Information Management

Note that extensibility has been a double-edged sword for ebXML Registry 
standard in the past
because it also made the standard harder to grok in early days because 
of its very generic nature.

This is being addressed successfully by the emergence of vertical or use 
case specific profile
of ebXML Registry that define precisely how to make use of the generic 
and extensible features in a standard interoperable
manner within the vertical domain or use case targeted by the profile.

Farrukh Najmi

Editor: ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Semantic Content Management SC of OASIS ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Registry SC of OASIS egov TC
Lead Architect: freebXML Registry open source project ( 
http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net )
Federated Information Management Architect: Sun Microsystems

fn:Farrukh Najmi

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