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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

Paul Denning wrote:

> At 10:54 AM 2005-06-22, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>>> A key feature is our content validation and cataloging services. We 
>>> will be showing at JavaONE 2005 (June 26-June 30) at booth #802, how 
>>> simply publishing a WSDL (the actual WSDL not just some pointer to 
>>> it) to the registry results in a WSDL cataloging service to be invoked 
>>> that generates all the metadata for the WSDL based on  processing of 
>>> the WSDLs . We then show how custom WSDL specific queries can be 
>>> used to do discovery queries like:
>>> -Find all WSDL doc that use a specified namespace patter
>>> -Find all Bindings or Services that have a certain text pattern in 
>>> their documentation
>>> -Find all Bindings that are SOAP bindings AND use DOC Literal style 
>>> AND do not use HTTP  as transport
>> While the list of WSDL related queries being defined by the WS 
>> profile for ebXML Registry is still growing I neglected to mention a 
>> couple of other important queries supported:
>> -Find all WSDLs with Service implementations that use specified 
>> implementation platform (J2EE, .Net, ...)
>> -Find all WSDLs with Service implementations that use specified 
>> platform resources (Database, JMS, JAXR...)
> Where in the ebRIM/ebRS specs does it specify how to extract the 
> metadata from WSDL and add it to the registry?

It does not. The ebRS spec defines a generic extensibility architecture 
for any domain/application specific Content Cataloging Service.
This generic ability is then specialized as canonical specs for domain 
specific profiles. The WSDL cataloging is being defined in
the Web Services Profile for ebXML Registry (draft stages) and being 
simultaneously prototyped in freebXML Registry open source project.

> Or is this a non-standard value-added feature of a particular 
> implementation?

The generic Content Cataloging feature is a standard feature of ebXML 
Registry 3.0.
The WSDL Cataloger is a standard feature of the Web Services Profile 
The idea is that the registry remains generic and extensible while
domain specific profile such as the Web Services Profile define normatively
how to extend or restrict ebXML Registry features for that profile.
The result is that the core ebXML Registry specs do not get burdened
with the kitchen sink and refrigerator and specific verticals and domains
can use the ebXML Registry in an interoperable manner.

> Or is it in a "WS profile for ebXML Registry"; please provide a link 
> to it?
It is in the WS Profile for ebXML Registry. The latest draft may be 
found at:


It is quite raw in its current state and is missing several key details.
I can post updates to this thread as newer version emerge.

If anyone has thoughts on specific features they would like to see
in the Web Services Profile for ebXML Registry please share.
ebXML Registry is a community driven standard and your input
can make a direct and immediate impact.

Thanks Paul for the stimulating and thought provoking questions.

Farrukh Najmi

Editor: ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Semantic Content Management SC of OASIS ebXML Registry TC
Co-chair: Registry SC of OASIS egov TC
Lead Architect: freebXML Registry open source project ( 
http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net )
Spec Lead: JAXR API
Federated Information Management Architect: Sun Microsystems

fn:Farrukh Najmi

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