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Subject: RE: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

Yes, sorry to say it Tom but I have had a few people tell me, primarily from IBM and Microsoft, that ebXML is dead, that WS-I associated standards are the only ones that matter, and that the WS-I stack will simply end up replacing the entire ebXML stack. Calling a technology dead, which has some adoption already but also has some overlap with another stack, is the very definition of FUD.


It would be nice to think people that work on standards wouldn’t use such tactics in order to get their own chosen standards adopted, but it would also be naïve. We all know just how political the standards process is. Twas ever thus and twill ever be.


Let me know if you would like to discuss this further.


From: Tom Glover [mailto:glover@ca.ibm.com]
Sent: 23 June 2005 06:36
To: Governor James
Cc: Jørgen Thyme; uddi-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons


WS-I Fud?

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"Governor James" <jgovernor@redmonk.com>

06/22/2005 10:02 AM


Jørgen Thyme <jt@globeteam.com>, <uddi-dev@lists.oasis-open.org>




RE: [uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons




Sun already supports a dual registry strategy, as does infravio. Others are likely to follow, WS-I fud notwithstanding.
Coexistence is surely the best approach.


From: Jørgen Thyme [mailto:jt@globeteam.com]
22 June 2005 13:54
[uddi-dev] ebXML registry and UDDI comparisons

I have looked at the specs for v3 for the ebXML registry. Although the information model looks more detailed than in UDDI my immediate thinking was that adding my taxonomies in UDDI I can achieve a lot. And there are several implementations of UDDI.
What are your thoughts? Will vendors of UDDI registries add ebXML registry functionality to their existing products? Or will there be a complete new set of registry products coming?
Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Jørgen Thyme
Development Team
Globeteam A/S
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