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Subject: Re: [uddi-dev] How to capture the location of a WSDL document for a serviceentity

The WSDL containing the service element should still be referenced in a tModel and that tModel should be referenced by key in the bindingTemplate representing the endpoint for that service.

Aspects of the service can be represented with categorizations on the tModel that contains the reference to the WSDL file containing the WSDL:service element.  There are categorizations in Appendix B.5 through B.8 for representing the use of SOAP and/or HTTP and other protocols and transports. These tModels for protocols and transports can be referenced as an additional tModel on the bindingTemplate tModelInstanceInfo to link it to the UDDI binding and service structures.

The SOAP port address in the wsdl:service is usually mapped to the accessPoint element in the bindingTemplate.  There is also a convention for capturing the addressing information in the WSDL file described in the address tModel in Appendix B.9


Andrew Hately
IBM Software Group, Emerging Technologies

"Federica Ciotti" <ciottif@gmail.com>

04/23/2007 07:55 AM

[uddi-dev] How to capture the location of a WSDL document for a service entity

In the Technical Note Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry, Version 2.0.2,
Section 2.3.4 General Conventions it is said that:
"The location of the WSDL document that defines the WSDL entity is
captured for portType, binding and, optionally, service entities."

It is clear that the location of the WSDL document is modeled in the
overviewURL for portType and binding entities (that are mapped into
tModel) but how to capture this information for service entities?

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