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Subject: Announcing the UDDI Member Section Annual Election and call for Nominationsfor the Member Section Steering Committee

The OASIS UDDI Member Section Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from Member Section companies interested in promoting the adoption of UDDI and who are dedicated to advancing open standards for interoperability. By serving on the Steering Committee, members can have a direct impact on the strategic direction of UDDI standardization, and on development and implementation of Web Services affiliated standards and specifications.

The Steering Committee is currently comprised of 5 elected members, serving one-year terms. See http://www.uddi.org/governance/ for details. Currently, all business is conducted by email and teleconferences. Steering Committee members should plan to spend up to 5% of their time on Member Section business, and be able to host 20% of the monthly teleconferences.


Any UDDI Member Section member organization may nominate an individual for the Steering Committee. Nominees are required to be members of Member Section member organizations. Individuals should be nominated for their personal qualifications and commitment, not solely for their company or organizational affiliation. Nominations should be posted to this list or sent to me at zagelow@us.ibm.com, and must be received during the nomination period. Each nomination should include a short biography and an optional statement describing the nominee's interest in and qualifications for serving on the Steering Committee.

Early nominations are strongly encouraged.

Voting Process

Each Member Section organizational member company is eligible to vote via one ballot. In order to submit a ballot, members must be in good standing when the ballot opens.

Notification of the availability of online ballots is distributed via email to each organizational member's Primary Representative and/or designated Voting Representative. Ballots list candidates by name and organization.

Each Member Section Sponsor and Contributor member organization may submit one ballot with votes for up to five individuals for the Steering Committee. Completed ballots must be received by OASIS before the end of the balloting period. The balloting system confirms receipt of the ballot to the voting member. The balloting period ends at the time stated. If quorum is not reached, the balloting period will be extended by reasonable notice to all voting members.

The five Steering Committee candidates receiving the highest number of votes join the Steering Committee.

In the case of a tie, the current Steering Committee members will decide on the selection from among the tied candidates. Should this happen, the membership of the Member Section will be notified of which candidates were elected by ballot, which tied candidates were selected by the Steering Committee, and which tied candidates were not selected in this process.

2004 Elections Schedule

3 June:  Nominations open

30 June  Nominations close 23:00hrs, 11:00pmUS EDT

6 July:  Ballot opens

31 July: Ballot closes 23:00hrs, 11:00pmUS EDT

The new Steering Committee will be seated at the August 13th teleconference.

Members are encouraged to contact me directly with any questions about the nominations and election process.

Regards, George

Chair, OASIS UDDI Member Section Steering Committee
Managing Director, UDDI Operators Council
Web Services Strategy, IBM Software Group
1-408-463-4041 or 543-4041, FAX 3319

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