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Subject: Re: [uddi-ms] Re: [uddi-spec] UDDI / BPEL / WSDM / WSRP - interop - FW: Gartner demo opportunity

My take (which Dee can freely override) --
    -- One spec is fine.  We *had* talked about some interesting and compelling multi-spec demo possibilities, but that's opportunism not necessity talking.  For the sake of getting the word out, my personal take is that we should err on the side of doing a UDDI-only demo, which is still under-appreciated, soon, rather than miss a good opportunity now in order to try to devise a perfect one.
    -- I think we're hoping for one good demo, not several, through there is no rule about this.

At 06:51 AM 8/17/2004, Andrew Hately wrote:
Dee and Jamie,

Can you clarify what you are looking for in a demo?  Is the intent to demonstrate interoperability across several Web service specifications or is it sufficient to demonstrate interoperability of one specification?  Also, will there be more than one demonstration of OASIS specification interoperability at this event?


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