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Subject: RE: Announcing election results

I'm pleased to announce the winners of our election. The election was extremely close, with all candidates receiving multiple votes.
The new Steering Committee will be composed of:

Ian Bruce, Systinet
Eric Hamer, Intel
Vicki Shipkowitz, SAP

Thanks to all the candidates for their commitment to the UDDI Member Section.

The new SC will be seated on the next regular monthly call, currently scheduled for Sept. 10th, from 8:30 to 10 AM PDT. Please let me know if this works. I ask that Mike De Nicola attend with me to help with the transition to the new SC. Thanks much.

Regards, George

Chair, OASIS UDDI Member Section Steering Committee
Managing Director, UDDI Operators Council
Web Services Strategy, IBM Software Group
1-408-463-4041 or 543-4041, FAX 3319

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