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uddi-spec-comment message

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Subject: [uddi-spec-comment] W3C XML Schema for XTM DTD (Needed for UDDIefforts?)


This mail began with a request to topicmaps-comment from Max Voskob. I 
would like to know from UDDI committee if you require a W3C XML 
Schema  of  XTM.dtd for you work. If so, I can look into getting a 
standard, public version published. Please see exchange below.

*Max Voskob
During the last UDDI meeting we discussed an option of using external 
representation of taxonomies (it's a UDDI thing) and someone suggested to 
look into XTM. This is the primary reason for me to contact you and seek 
your cooperation.
  Personally, I think that XTM is a good standard, but I wish I had a 
schema for it! :)

Hi Daniel and Max,

At 10:07 2003/01/30 -0800, Daniel L. Koger wrote:
>Hi Max, Mary and the group at large,
> >*Max Voskob
> >>Is there actually a schema for XTM 1.0?
> >>I downloaded the DTD, but you know, the automatic conversion is never
> >>perfect and I have to spend ~ 3 hrs to get a proper schema that I can
> >>and rely upon. I wonder if anyone has done it before?

I do have an xtm.xsd and it works in XML Spy. I am experimenting with 
creating a schema against an already produced topic map (define datatypes, 
limit the topics allowed, etc.)

>I have an xsd file, but it is not ready for prime time.
>  I am using it
>to generate data sets in Visual Studio .NET  It is also just part of my
>personal work to understand topic maps and is not sanctioned by anyone,
>i.e. not funded.  I am puttering around with it as I have the time.

Same here, except for the.NET part :)

>*Mary Nishikawa
> >I wonder which tool you used for the conversion. The XTM DTD is not a
> >complex one and doing a simple W3C schema generation with  a tools such
> >XML Spy with some tweaking shouldn't take 3 hours!
><SOAPBOX type="religious">
>I tried to get a schema that would open in XMLSpy, TurboXML(Tibco) and
>Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.  This was actually a surprisingly
>difficult (tedious) task.  I ended up going to Textpad, making the file
>as generic as possible and noting the diffs and failures in the 3
>environments.  One would hope that a schema based on a standard would
>open and function in a similar manner on multiple applications.
>  That is, after all, the intent of a large amount of the work we as a
>community have been developing.
>Of course, it could be operator error :)

If the applications were conforming to the same standards themselves that is :)

Which schema and which standard are you referring to, the W3C XML schema 
Are you referring to the XTM1.dtd, or your own W3C xml Schema which you 
generated from this DTD?
So did you finally succeed?

What I created is something I worked on last year and it is not production 
ready. I guess it would be a good idea to have an "official" W3C xml schema 
version  of the XTM.dtd available for public use.

I think that what I did could be reviewed by Martin Bryan, Henry 
Thompson  and others and submitted to ISO as a W3C schema version of 
XTM.dtd. If this is what you want, I can do that. When it is ready, you 
could both test these in your environments before it is released to the 
public. If this would be useful to the UDDI efforts, let's do it!

Mary Y. Nishikawa,  EDMS Technical Advisor
Schlumberger K. K.
2-2-1 Fuchinobe
Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-0006
Tel:  +81-42-759-5376
Fax: +81-42-759-3563

Eureka IT Community Web Technologies SIG Co-leader &
XML BB Manager, xmlbb@slb.com
OASIS TM Pubsubj TC, GeoLang TC, XMLVoc TC

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