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Subject: [uddi-spec-comment] RE: W3C XML Schema for XTM DTD (Needed for UDDIefforts?)

* Mary *
>Which schema and which standard are you referring to, the W3C XML
>Are you referring to the XTM1.dtd, or your own W3C xml Schema which you

>generated from this DTD?
>So did you finally succeed?
>What I created is something I worked on last year and it is not
>ready. I guess it would be a good idea to have an "official" W3C xml
>version  of the XTM.dtd available for public use.

* Daniel *
My preference is always open standards.  I would prefer it if the schema
was available as a W3C xml Schema.  Most of my frustration occurred when
performing the translation from the DTD.  I have yet to have a problem
bringing in a W3C schema into most applications.  The problem seems to
be wrapped around the auto-generation of schemas from DTD.  So the short
answer is "YES" I would prefer a W3C xml schema to a DTD.  I ended up
with two versions.  Since then I have set it aside and have not applied
resources to completing the work.

I know we discussed the rationale for using DTD at the inception of the
XTM Working Group.  I just don't remember what that rationale was...
Must be because I sit on the cusp of my 40th birthday - the memory is
fading. :)

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